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Independent singer-songwriter singing teacher

Karson HO is an independent singer-songwriter and a singing teacher. He has participated in large-scale singing competitions and judged many college singing competitions. Karson’s singing competition experience and more than 6 years of teaching experience, coupled with the mixing and singing skills master JEFFREY CHOI Cai Zefu, obtained the Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certification instructor qualification, which happens to help you learn healthy voice use. In the "Pop Singing Class", he shared his best mixing singing skills with everyone, helping students build a confident pop singing style, more confidently perform songs of different difficulties, and enjoy the fun of learning to sing!

Amber CHAN, a teacher of expressive art creation

Understand yourself and others through art

Artistic creation does not only refer to the expensive artworks seen in art galleries. Artistic creation can be like building a small fortress with sand, drawing a painting with only straight lines, drawing a happy smiling face... etc. You can feel a sense of satisfaction in the face. Expressive art is a cross-disciplinary art category. Creators can add their sensory experience to their imagination and present them through different artistic media (including visual art, music, dance, drama, and creative text, etc.) to express themselves through their thoughts and feelings.

Course instructor Amber CHAN designs different artistic creation content, so that everyone can devote themselves to creation and display their creativity, and will lead participants to share their works together. Amber CHAN is currently an accredited professional member of the International Expression Art Therapy Association (IEATA) and a qualified practicing expression art therapist. She is also a certified American Certified® Music Drum Circle Lead Instructor, Circle Painting® Circle Painting® Circle Painting Instructor, and Certified Harmony Pastel® Associate Instructor.

Physical class + online class hybrid combination

Atisha, an international yoga instructor, is in an online yoga course-Yo Jin Exercise, through simple asanas, stretching and relaxation, to help improve internal organ function and sleep quality. Effective breathing methods can help relax muscles, balance left and right brains, and improve pain and emotional problems. In addition to learning yoga at home, you can also enjoy the fun of yoga in physical practice😁

Optional instructional video, learn it if you want

To learn to make bread and desserts, you need to master the details of each step and practice repeatedly to master the skills of 箇中. Love Bread BIY course launches self-selected teaching videos. In addition to personal demonstration and guidance by the baking instructor PEARL LUI, students can also easily learn on their own according to their own schedule. If they encounter problems, they can also send questions through WhatsApp groups😁

Dedicated to HIM Your Most Beautiful Voice

Singing hymns gives you joy, peace and blessings. The "Modern Hymn Singing Class" allows you to regain the fun of singing and practicing poetry, and ignite the enthusiasm of hymn worship. The vocal tutor KATHERINE CHAN, who is blessed with musical talent, will guide you on the spot and dedicate to HIM your most beautiful voice together.

Help you expand the global market, increase traffic and potential customers

The Hong Kong and global online education platform, Happytime, offers world-class digital marketing coaching team and digital marketing coaching services for educational institutions, personal coaches, mentors, SMEs and NGOs, to help you build a digital marketing system, expand the global market, and increase traffic and potential customers.

Makeup Class

Teach you how to use 15 minutes of makeup time a day to quickly complete a fresh, natural, and spiritual makeup. It will be guided by base makeup, eyebrows, eye makeup, and lip makeup, and will be adjusted according to personal facial features and facial features. Reach the golden ratio. The course will help you improve your self-confidence and give a good impression to your boss, colleagues and work partners.

Master of Ceremonies

Emphasis is placed on teaching practical master of ceremonies training, including pronunciation and control of vocal lines, handling nervous emotions, writing master of ceremonies, SHARP wake-up skills on stage, and on-site "holding" secrets.

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Creative Calligraphy Course

Cultivate Character and Taste of Art

Happytime is honored to invite PAUL WONG, a well-known advertising film director and art creator who has won numerous awards, to teach you how to cultivate your character and taste of art through his unique calligraphy class. If you are a fan of art, fine arts, calligraphy and even Chinese culture, you will enjoy the teaching of Paul and his class, and learn from him to create your own works of art.