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Note: The statistical data period is January-December 2021

Develop a Digital Playbook


With the rise of cloud, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and other technologies, digital transformation (DT) has evolved from an innovative business model to a major global trend. Happytime is now working with Paul Fraley, an acclaimed professor and business leader to conduct digital transformation knowledge management workshop for corporate and organization executives, business owners, trainers and coaches.

As an adjunct lecturer at HKU SPACE, Fan Paul developed and taught many popular courses such as "Knowledge Management and Applied Business Intelligence in eHealth" and "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence", "Business Intelligence Technology Management" and "Search Engine Optimization". (SEO) and website analytics”, with particular emphasis on digital transformation enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and Metaverse capabilities such as Web 3.0, distributed ledgers, blockchain and non-homogeneous Token (NFT) technology, and the ability to digitally interact with consumers and position digital transformation as a natural progression. These courses are highly positioned, engaging, practical and highly recommended to add significant value to themselves and their business. Under Van Paul's guidance, students practice what they've learned and conceive of new business models and growth strategies based on digital transformation services. He also teaches at the University of London's "E-Business Fundamentals" course

Learning Objectives and Deliverables

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:
1. Assess the role, concept and nature of Digital Transformation Knowledge Management
2. Analyze your current high impact and urgent issue(s)/problem(s)/capabilities of major concern in terms of Digital Transformation knowledge and assess the potential impact to your business.
3. Evaluate the various Digital Transformation initiatives and activities to gain competitive business advantage and position these in the various “Knowledge Quadrants”
4. Analyze and explain the challenges of your Digital Transformation strategy implementation and explain approaches to using Knowledge Management to improve digital transformation strategy implementation.
5. Identify information, capabilities, data sources and enabling technologies required to address key issues of identified digital transformation concern(s).
6. Craft an Action Plan outline to address key digital transformation issues.
7. Develop a Digital Playbook to provide steps to transform a successful digital business.


Multi-talented instructor Iki Yeung's latest ace course "SHARP Wake-up Master of Ceremonies" focuses on teaching practical master-of-ceremony training, including articulation and voice control, handling tension, writing master's scripts, on-stage SHARP wake-up skills and on-the-spot " The secret of “executive”; will also share the experience of being the emcee host of online events, and outstanding students will have the opportunity to be referred for jobs😃.

Iki Yeung has won the runner-up in the first all-around host competition, the champion of the KOL election contest at the Industrial Exhibition, the most popular KOL award in OP Mall and the most popular blog of the Macau Tourism Bureau.


Students feedback
  • Iki's teaching made me not afraid to speak on stage, but now I can successfully host the whole show and bring the atmosphere, 👏👏👏 started my thinking of being an emcee, thank you😘
  • In these four classes, I was fortunate to learn the process of being an MC, and I absorbed Miss's opinions and skills. Thank you very much for Miss's teaching! ❤️❤️
  • Very good! Improves self-confidence, body language, courage and voice
  • I like the little emcee very much, because it can cultivate my self-confidence
  • This little master of ceremonies training class has learned a lot of skills as master of ceremonies, such as correct spelling, standing posture, conduct, voice... I have gained a lot... Thank you, teacher!
  • Ms. Yang is very professional in analysis and has learned the skills of the emcee. Even if you are not an emcee, you can use some skills in conversation with others, such as voice, content, smile, etc. In terms of students, they often get tips, interviews are handy, and I can see their progress. I am also very rewarding. Thank you Miss Yeung for his very professional teaching. thank you!

I am best at

UX/UI Designer & web developer

You are the legend of your voice dream-free voice test


Karson HO is an independent singer-songwriter and a singing teacher. He has participated in large-scale singing competitions and judged many college singing competitions. Karson’s singing competition experience and more than 6 years of teaching experience, coupled with the mixing and singing skills master JEFFREY CHOI, obtained the Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certification instructor qualification, which happens to help you learn healthy voice use. In the "Pop Singing Class", he shared his best mixing singing skills with everyone, helping students build a confident pop singing style, more confidently perform songs of different difficulties, and enjoy the fun of learning to sing!

Free voice test

Just believe that dreams can fly 😄

Want to know your personal voice and get professional advice? You only need to record a one-minute singing clip, WhatsApp to 6331 4858, along with your name and email, to get professional vocal advice from Vocal coach, Karson HO.

"Boat Journey" - Elderly Expressive Art Course

Create together on-site experience Learn about yourself and others through art


Artistic creation does not only refer to expensive artworks seen in art galleries. Artistic creation can be a small fortress built with sand, somehow I want to draw a painting with only straight lines, draw a happy smile....Wait, you can feel satisfaction in the face. Expressive art is a cross-disciplinary art category. Creators can add their sensory experience to their imagination and present them through different artistic media (including visual art, music, dance, drama, and creative text, etc.) to express themselves. Thoughts and feelings.

Students feedback
  • Learning to play art can be so easy!
  • In the process, I tried a lot of different materials, and I especially liked the flow of water to play.
  • The therapist kindly encourages us to express ourselves more~
  • In the process, I discovered that Duo Zuo himself has a lot of important things, and both the wild can't remember Zuo and return to the meaning of life.
  • I can tell my own story, it turns out that others also resonate.

Physical class + online class hybrid combination


As you grow older, your body will naturally change to varying degrees, such as weakening of muscle strength, poor balance, and decreased sleep quality. Everyone may have many different recipes to improve. Yoga instructor Atisha is fortunate to have a group of students who believe that yoga, stretching, and breathing can improve health. She has been supporting her and practicing. In the past when teaching classes and doing healing, Atisha was happiest to learn that the health of the students had improved; the number of doctor visits had been reduced; or he could heal himself through breathing.

When students go to class, they don’t have to do any perfect movements. The happiest thing is to see that they are getting better from class to class, or their body is improving. For example, the shoulder and neck are not so painful, the back is straighter, the stairs are easier to go up and down, and the breathing is smoother. The quality of sleep is better. Everyone seems to keep receiving a gift, and the name of this gift is called health and happiness😀

Students feedback
  • Atisha teaches seriously, and is eager to answer and teach. After learning the yoga class, I feel that my body relaxes a lot, which is a great help to my body. Thank you Atisha 🙏
  • Fortunately, I met Atisha and followed her to learn yoga. The first class was relaxed and comfortable, and the second class was already familiar. The most important thing is that there is a lot less neck pain, a veritable healing yoga, sincerely thank you Atisha 😘
  • Teacher Atisha is very careful and pays attention to students' movements in class to ensure that their movements are correct and safe. In addition, she is very patient to answer the questions of her classmates.
  • I learned Yoga and Lajin with Atisha for a period of time. Through simple exercises and easy learning, my shoulder and neck pain and knee joint pain have been greatly improved.
  • I originally thought that Hea could live and do online classes, but the teachers are so serious to watch you do, even if some details can't escape her eyes. Third, you can put down the tiredness of the day when you finish it at night, relax and sleep better.
  • Thanks to the continuous efforts of the teachers and classmates, everyone's muscles and bones began to soften and fell in love with yoga. Unless there are special things, they will not miss class!
  • I have been with Teacher Atisha for about five years. Over the past five years, I have learnt yoga with Teacher Atisha and have benefited a lot.

Dedicated to HIM Your Most Beautiful Voice

  • Emphasis on the use of voice and their unique features for singing in worship
  • The basics of vocal music, including abdominal breathing, vocal principle and position, voice zone, basic music theory concepts, etc.
  • The difference between "pop vocal music singing" and "modern pop hymn vocal music service"
  • Consultation on upper and lower range test, genre type suggestions, sound problems, suggestions for improvement plans, etc.
  • Hymn appreciation and technical analysis, the use of the voice of a lead singer and the harmony singer
Students feedback
  • Yesterday’s trial class, the teacher’s guidance was very enlightening, so I decided to sign up.
  • Thank you for the 6/2 free trial class, which made me learn a lot, especially in breathing techniques of singing
  • I'm so satisfied~ tonight! Thank you for your guidance and support.
  • Thank you for a wonderful lesson yesterday. Grateful for your dedicated teaching last night.🙏🏻😃
  • Is there any more class vacancy? I want to introduce a friend to participate.
  • The teacher is so good
  • Learn a lot in every class, take away a lot
  • The teacher is nice and attentive, I have learned a lot every time! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • I'm so touched when I sing ❤️Amen
  • The experience class last night was very good 👍! I am very grateful 🙏you guys, very happy 😃!
  • Thanks for the teacher's advice, so careful and clear 👏 will practice harder!

Practical Digital Marketing Courses Create Slash Income

The digital marketing coaching team of Happytime provides digital marketing coaching services and courses for educational institutions, personal coaches, mentors, small and medium-sized enterprises and NGOs. We help you conceive digital products and services, establish digital marketing systems, expand global markets, increase traffic and Potential customers. We offer practical digital marketing courses include the following content:

  • Build and operate – popular free website platform WordPress 
  • Improve search ranking and exposure, optimize search engine (SEO)
  • Demonstrate and explain the secrets of advertising on Google, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Set up website data analysis to make wise decisions. Analysis tools include Google Analytic and Google Search Console
  • Create and operate Mailchimp email marketing
  • Indispensable for establishing and operating translation software Translate Press to enter the global market
  • Create and operate blogs, generate humane communication and establish relationships
  • Share online learning business experience
  • Establish corporate communications and promotion plans
Makeup Class

Teach you how to use 15 minutes of makeup time a day to quickly complete a fresh, natural, and spiritual makeup. It will be guided by base makeup, eyebrows, eye makeup, and lip makeup, and will be adjusted according to personal facial features and facial features. Reach the golden ratio. The course will help you improve your self-confidence and give a good impression to your boss, colleagues and work partners.

Running Training Course for Organization

It’s a great honor for Happytime to invite Mr. Lam Wai Hei, a well-known running coach in the running world, to co-organize group running training for organization. He devoted himself to track and field when he was young and also loved basketball. Unfortunately, since 2005, a series of serious injuries have hit him, and the road to recovery is long and heavy. In the low ebb of life, running has been affecting him subtly. The transformation of life also begins with a marathon. In 2019, Lam completed three online races of the "Six Horses" within three hours within one month in 2020. This is really a good story in running circles.

latest articles

Poetry class students testimonials and sharing

Poetry class students testify and share😃

「最美好的事 」是解說來自破碎家庭Shirley的生命見證,她自少渴望有伴侶、被愛的感覺,年少時曾行差踏錯,又經歴契媽去世的打擊,因此患了長期病,之後人生在艱苦中游走。Shirley自知較難組織家庭,唯她經常叫身邊的人為她此事祈禱🧎‍♂️。

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Private master of ceremonies to promote professional performances

Private master of ceremonies to promote professional performances

As a professional performer on the stage, in addition to singing and dancing, he/she often needs to serve as a master of ceremonies, leading the audience to participate and creating an atmosphere. Judy Chu is a recent outstanding student in the Happytime Master of Ceremony class, in just 4 lessons. She was very serious and diligent, and was guided step-by-step by teacher Iki Yeung. From the beginning, she was a little scared to speak on stage and could not find a suitable topic. Until recently, she sang and talked in the Christmas performance (even in Under 6 degrees of cold weather), successfully blended with the participants and completed the camping music performance

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2022 Digital Marketing Course Self-study

2022 Digital Marketing Course Self-study

2022 will be a year for Digital Marketing to bloom. New trends such as Metaverse, NFT, digital currency grows quickly and lead us to wonder how to combine them into the existing marketing strategies of SEO, Google and Facebook advertising, and content marketing? Many companies pay close attention to the impact of the above changes on the market ecology, and plan how to adjust their market strategies accordingly. Whether the virtual and physical modes of operation have something in common or are they completely different? There are many unknown questions to be answered here.

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Little Lucky Time 2021 Operating Data

Lucky to have you with us through 2021😊

While welcoming 2022, looking back on 2021, we are grateful for the support of many coaches, students, and organizations to continue to develop and grow. The relief of the epidemic has become an opportunity for growth, from online learning to physical education. Students cover a wide rangefrom elementary school students to adults, as well as the elderly. You have personally experienced the careful teaching of the instructors, and you have applied and developed the skills and knowledge you learned in your life and work. We received a lot of encouragement and positive responses, which gave us more energy, to carry out more work, and to invest more resources and time.

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"Boat Journey" - Elderly Expressive Art Course

"Boat Journey" - Elderly Expressive Art Course

Happytime and the expressive arts therapist Amber Chan recently designed a four-session expressive art creation class for the elderly in the H.K.S.K.H. Wong Tai Sin District Elderly Community Centre. In the course, the elderly created and designed their own paper boats on the map. The class named "Boat Journey", was created to expresses their hope and exploration for the future.

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