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Note: Statistics until February 2023

Vocal Techniques 101 Course

The course is very suitable for singing lovers who have requirements on their own voice and singing skills! If you... 👉🏻 Have a strong interest in singing 👉🏻Expect to learn the basic skills of vocal music to improve your singing skills 👉🏻Find out your unique singing voice that suits you best👉🏻Learn how to make a more beautiful voice👉🏻On singing and workplace speech applications Bring out the charm of your personal voice. Teacher KATHERINE has rich and proficient online teaching experience, and has a full understanding of the needs of instant collective application in class and independent practice after class. Notes and class videos are attached to each class for students to review regularly, helping you to consolidate the basics of vocal music 🤝 ✅ 8 hours ZOOM + 4 hours training ✅ Power Point teaching notes ✅ On-the-spot vocal guidance and Q&A ✅ ZOOM class video review ✅ Online platform and mobile app for students to upload practice videos ✅ Practice video review and follow-up guidance ✅ Basics Vocal Training Certificate

Advanced Course in Vocal Interpretation Skills

The course is very suitable for singing lovers and singing performers who expect to achieve leapfrog improvement in their interpretation style and singing skills. ✅ 7 hours ZOOM + 4 hours physical classroom training ✅ Power Point teaching notes ✅ Live vocal guidance ✅ ZOOM class video review ✅ Online platform and mobile app for students to upload practice videos ✅ Practice video review and follow-up guidance ✅ Advanced vocal music training certificate

Digital Transformation Workshop

Digital Transformation Workshop

With the maturity of cloud, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and other technologies, digital transformation has developed from an innovative business model to a global trend. Xiaoqingxing, in collaboration with renowned professor and business leader Paul Fraley, conducts digital transformation workshops for business or organization executives, SME owners, mentors and coaches. Fan Paul has been a lecturer at several top universities, teaching many popular courses including "Knowledge Management and Applied Business Intelligence in eHealth", "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence", "Business Intelligence Technology Management" and "Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and Website Analytics”, with particular emphasis on digital transformation enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and Metaverse capabilities, Web 3.0, NFT technologies.

Practical Digital Marketing Course

Practical Digital Marketing Course

Practical digital marketing coach Wayne Wong, provides customized digital marketing courses for educational institutions, personal coaches, mentors, SMEs and NGOs, establishes digital marketing systems, expands global markets, increases traffic and potential customers

Master of Ceremonies training class

Master of Ceremonies training course

Happytime and Star master of ceremonies, Iki Yeung, jointly launched a training course for master of ceremonies, focusing on teaching students to improve their speaking and organization skills, and to express themselves more confidently; at the same time, they will be able to serve as master of ceremonies, guides and interview preparations in the future. The course is suitable for primary/middle school students who are initially interested in a small emcee host, who want to learn the basic skills of emcee host and improve their speaking and organization skills

Yoga course

Yoga course

With age, the body will naturally undergo changes to varying degrees, such as muscle strength weakens, balance begins to deteriorate, sleep quality declines, and everyone may have many different secrets to improve. Yoga teacher Atisha is fortunate to have a class of students who believe yoga, stretching, and breathing can improve health, support her and keep practicing. When teaching classes and doing healing in the past, Atisha was happiest when she learned that her students' health had improved; she had seen fewer doctor visits; or she could heal herself through breathing. When students go to class, they do not have to perform perfect movements. The happiest thing is to see that they are making progress with each class, or their bodies are improving, such as less pain in the shoulders and neck, straighter backs, easier climbing and descending stairs, and smooth breathing. Yes, the quality of sleep is better. Everyone seems to keep receiving a gift, and the name of this gift is called health and happiness 😀

Creative Music Therapy

Creative Music Therapy

Happytime and Music Therapist Hugo Wong work together for adults and children who are suffering from emotions, trauma and stress (such as bereaved, emotionally ill, affected by domestic violence), cancer patients, mentally handicapped, dementia patients, special educational needs, and also provide music therapy experiential workshops for different institutions. Hugo believes that we can all connect our inner emotions with others through music and sound, and increase the possibility of expression. Compared with language alone, we can more effectively decompress, express and explore ourselves at another level.

Expressive Art Course

Expressive Art Course

Expressive art instructor Angie Lee led the participants to awaken their five senses and inspire their imaginations. They can create easily without knowing any artistic skills. Whether you are a kindergartener or a student in your 80s, build your confidence and enjoy it!

Art workshop

From the heart, let the emotion be released through art On the drawing paper, there is no frame stroke, just follow the heart. Art Instructor Jessica Lam has extensive teaching experience including: North Lantau Hospital, Kowloon Tong True Light Secondary School, Mary Kay Pink Classroom, Wong Tai Sin Caritas Youth Service Centre, Aberdeen Caritas Community Service Centre, Caine Road Caritas Community Service Centre, Hong Kong Chinese Young Christians Association (Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre), Hee Hock Association, Lai Yin Association, Grace Church, Shatin City One Baptist Church, Mark Memorial Home and Association of Child Development Centre, serving clients including post-stroke rehabilitation , Low Income Families, Parents and Children with Special Educational Needs, Seniors, Parents and Children with Special Educational Needs.

Art therapy

Jasmine is a registered art therapist of the British Health and Nursing Professional Association. He is qualified for clinical practice in the United Kingdom. He is good at exploring the inner world through artistic creation with clients through a safe, inclusive and accepting space, helping clients to connect with their own hearts. Discover opportunities for change. She is able to make good use of her natural sensitivity to adapt her treatment techniques to the changing needs and needs of her clients during the treatment process. The service targets include children with special educational needs, people with emotional distress, cancer patients, the elderly with dementia, and carers of chronic diseases. At the same time, they cooperate with different social service units to provide art therapy experience workshops.

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Cooperative institutions include Harbour City Centre, Chow Tai Fook, 4M, Po Leung Kuk, Yan Chai Hospital, Caritas, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, City University of Hong Kong, Kerry Property Management Services, H.K.S.K.H. Wong Tai Sin Integrated Services Centre for the Elderly, S.K.H. Kee Fook Primary School, HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre, Hong Kong Children & Youth Services, International Church of Four Square, Hong Kong Single Parent Association, Bishop Ford Memorial School, Sha Tin Wai Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School, The Hong Kong Society for Aged etc.

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