Happytime Awards

The Most Outstanding Comprehensive and Diverse Courses and Learning Platforms in 2023

HAPPYTIME won the "2023 Most Outstanding Comprehensive Multi-Curriculum and Learning Platform" award from Business Innovator. This honor is a testament to HAPPYTIME’s excellence and innovation in the field of education. Business Innovator's judging panel evaluated companies based on five key criteria: brand awareness, innovative services or products, business solutions, market competitiveness and corporate social responsibility.

Business Innovator
The Most Outstanding Comprehensive and Diverse Courses and Learning Platform of the Year (2023)


The awards recognize the best business practices in Hong Kong, emphasizing the importance of corporate governance, awareness of environmental impact, and fulfilling social responsibility. As an advanced economy, Hong Kong pays more and more attention to the way enterprises interact with the environment and society.

Hong Kong Outstanding Leaders Award (HKMOL)
Best Diversified Online Course Education Platform of the Year (2023)

With the theme of "Excellent Innovation, Extraordinary Achievement", the "Excellent Innovative Enterprise Award" will further affirm and recognize outstanding enterprises with new thinking and new insights in business operations through the awards, thereby improving operational efficiency, service quality and industry overall competitiveness. On the other hand, the award scheme will serve as an ongoing platform to encourage industry leaders with innovative ideas to actively share their creativity and expertise, and to establish a professional award for Hong Kong that is widely loved by the business community and has won international recognition.

Business Innovator
Best Online Education Products and Services of the Year (2022)