In a world full of tension and uncertainty, in addition to prayer, music therapy experiences can also be stress-relieving.

    The little emcee Wenqian won the school scholarship and chose to participate in the Iki Yeung one-on-one emcee training class. In the video, she revealed how the little emcee training helped her!

    "True Voice, False Voice, and Mixing Workshop" is the topic Katherine is most looking forward to sharing with you.

    Primary/middle school students want to improve their speaking and organization skills and express themselves more confidently; or do they want to learn the basic skills of master of ceremonies?

    Happy Time is pleased to launch an online training content and platform for SME owners, enterprises or institutions

    Art instructor Jessica Lam recently worked for a group of cancer patients at the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre. She led the participants to draw and write as they wished, conveying their emotions into the strokes, and through stretching and breathing Scan, let the body speak.

    Send out from the heart, let the emotion release through art On the drawing paper, there is no frame stroke, just draw and write as you like, and let the emotion pass through the strokes. Touch Heart founder and art instructor Jessica Lam personally teach online word art workshop 😁

    Teacher KATHERINE's easy-to-understand guidance style makes people relaxed and happy, and has been widely welcomed by students over the years.

    I am a second-year student at a British university, majoring in marketing, and I will graduate and join the society in one year. People like me who are about to finish their academic career can't help but feel lost and don't know what to do in the future. Here I would like to share the three suggestions from the author about habits in Habits Grow Rich.