Poetry class students testimonials and sharing

    「最美好的事 」是解說來自破碎家庭Shirley的生命見證,她自少渴望有伴侶、被愛的感覺,年少時曾行差踏錯,又經歴契媽去世的打擊,因此患了長期病,之後人生在艱苦中游走。Shirley自知較難組織家庭,唯她經常叫身邊的人為她此事祈禱🧎‍♂️。

    Online emcee host training

    A group of seniors in Tuen Mun are not afraid of the threat of the epidemic, and they can go to court together with peace of mind, because they clearly know how to use zoom to go to court!

    Private master of ceremonies to promote professional performances

    As a professional performer on the stage, in addition to singing and dancing, he/she often needs to serve as a master of ceremonies, leading the audience to participate and creating an atmosphere. Judy Chu is a recent outstanding student in the Happytime Master of Ceremony class, in just 4 lessons. She was very serious and diligent, and was guided step-by-step by teacher Iki Yeung. From the beginning, she was a little scared to speak on stage and could not find a suitable topic. Until recently, she sang and talked in the Christmas performance (even in Under 6 degrees of cold weather), successfully blended with the participants and completed the camping music performance

    2022 Digital Marketing Course Self-study

    2022 will be a year for Digital Marketing to bloom. New trends such as Metaverse, NFT, digital currency grows quickly and lead us to wonder how to combine them into the existing marketing strategies of SEO, Google and Facebook advertising, and content marketing? Many companies pay close attention to the impact of the above changes on the market ecology, and plan how to adjust their market strategies accordingly. Whether the virtual and physical modes of operation have something in common or are they completely different? There are many unknown questions to be answered here.

    Little Lucky Time 2021 Operating Data

    While welcoming 2022, looking back on 2021, we are grateful for the support of many coaches, students, and organizations to continue to develop and grow. The relief of the epidemic has become an opportunity for growth, from online learning to physical education. Students cover a wide rangefrom elementary school students to adults, as well as the elderly. You have personally experienced the careful teaching of the instructors, and you have applied and developed the skills and knowledge you learned in your life and work. We received a lot of encouragement and positive responses, which gave us more energy, to carry out more work, and to invest more resources and time.

    "Boat Journey" - Elderly Expressive Art Course

    Happytime and the expressive arts therapist Amber Chan recently designed a four-session expressive art creation class for the elderly in the H.K.S.K.H. Wong Tai Sin District Elderly Community Centre. In the course, the elderly created and designed their own paper boats on the map. The class named "Boat Journey", was created to expresses their hope and exploration for the future.

    Teacher Katherine Chan sang the latest poem "Serenity Prayer"

    In addition to education ministry, Jiandao Theological Seminary also creates hymns from time to time. Recently, [Jiandao Theological Seminary Shinni Presents the Worship Team] released a new song "Serenity Prayer", the originality comes from the American theologian Ni Bull Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), he proposed that tranquility is a kind of power, reminding believers to ask the Lord for peace of mind to accept the immutable, courage to change the changeable, and wisdom to distinguish the difference between the two. Jiandao Theological Seminary Xinyou presents the worship team to add a melody to this English prayer, and add a Cantonese translation, so that prayer becomes our poetry, and poetry becomes our prayer.

    The emcee training class co-organized by Happytime and Po Leung Kuk, included a group of 10-15 people consisting of the elderly and children. After the training, the elderly can become a new force in the future community activities and act as the emcee of the activities; primary school students use this training to prepare for the selection interview for secondary school.


    Happytime has joined Star Emcee Iki Yeung to provide professional emcee services for corporate or brand activities. Iki is good at driving the atmosphere of the event, carefully hosting and arranging all aspects of the event, and even helping to deal with emergencies. Iki is proficient in biliteracy and trilingualism including Cantonese, English, Mandarin and basic German. She has been a star emcee for two consecutive years. She has won unanimous trust and recommendation from customers. She is a good helper for corporate activities.