Breathing therapy class activates the body's self-healing power

Relieve stress through breathing! Master the correct breathing, every second you are healing yourself. Human cells have the ability to heal themselves. Through breathing exercises, the body's self-healing power is activated, which can relieve emotional and behavioral problems caused by anxiety, depression, and trauma. After being applied to the lungs, the blood pressure also stabilizes and blood circulation becomes better 😀

Atisha, an international fitness instructor, teaches you different breathing methods in the breath healing class: deep breathing, ocean breathing, and alternating nostril breathing, aiming at different physical and mental problems, balancing the left and right brains, improving emotional instability, insomnia, depression, overexcitement, acid reflux, Complexion, gastrointestinal and lower back pain; improve positive energy, increase creativity and resistance.

Students feedback

  • Atisha teaches seriously, and is eager to answer and teach. After learning the yoga class, I feel that my body relaxes a lot, which is of great help to my body. Thank you Atisha🙏
  • Fortunately, I met Atisha and followed her to learn yoga. The first class was relaxed and comfortable, and the second class was already familiar. The most important thing is that there is a lot less neck pain, a veritable healing yoga, sincerely thank you Atisha 😘
  • Teacher Atisha is very careful and pays attention to students' movements in class to ensure that their movements are correct and safe. In addition, she is very patient to answer the questions of her classmates.
  • I learned Yoga and Lajin with Atisha for a period of time. Through simple exercises and easy learning, my shoulder and neck pain and knee joint pain have been greatly improved.
  • I originally thought that Hea could live and do online classes, but the teachers are so serious to watch you do, even if some details can't escape her eyes. Third, you can put down the tiredness of the day when you finish it at night, relax and sleep better.
  • Thanks to the continuous efforts of the teachers and classmates, everyone's muscles and bones began to soften and fell in love with yoga. Unless there are special things, they will not miss class!
  • I have been with Teacher Atisha for about five years. Over the past five years, I have learnt yoga with Teacher Atisha and have benefited a lot.



Breath Healing Class

The course is coordinated to learn different breathing methods, aiming at different physical and mental problems, balance the left and right brain, improve emotional instability, insomnia, depression, overexcitement, acid reflux, complexion, gastrointestinal and lower back pain; improve positive energy, increase creativity and resistance.

Course focus

  • Learn body alignment and improve breathing quality
  • Use simple movements to relax the body
  • Have a small amount of asanas, cooperate with the breathing method, strengthen the fitness heart

Breath Healing Class

800 $ 600 / 4 sessions
  • 4 lessons x 60 minutes
  • Group of 4-15
  • ZOOM video teaching

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About The Coach

Atisha obtained a yoga instructor training certificate in India, and served as an assistant in a local teacher training course, and then received a yoga instructor training course in China, followed by different instructors in India and China to learn yoga therapy.

Atisha has also received training as a stretching instructor in Hong Kong. During her stay in Hong Kong, she has experience in teaching yoga for the elderly and decompression classes for adults. Atisha has also received formal massage therapist training in Thailand and was awarded the Thai massage instructor qualification recognized by the Thai government.

With soft Indian yoga and Thai massage therapy (also known as passive yoga), Atisha sincerely helps different people and provides physical and mental healing.