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Independent singer-songwriter and singing teacher Karson HO

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Just believe that dreams can fly 😄
Want to know your personal voice and get professional advice? You only need to record a one-minute singing clip, WhatsApp to 6331 4858, along with your name and email, to get professional vocal advice from Vocal coach, Karson HO.

Little Lucky Time Online Singing Class Happiness ENCORE Singing Course Vocal Instructor KATHERINE CHAN

I feel happy because I see you happy.

After the launch of the Happiness ENCORE singing course, many students have supported it. I believe that every student will feel the gift of vocal instructor KATHERINE CHAN, and give 200% love and time without reservation; she gives every student unlimited The amount of encouragement and affirmation not only leads her (them) to see their own possibilities, but also believes that they can do it. Thanks for everything KATHERINE CHAN has done for everyone. We are gratified for the students to find an excellent mentor (mentor) for the students😊