Little Lucky Time Yoga Teaching Video

How to save yourself in the office of a yoga teaching video

Thanks to the organizational invitation to participate in the production of yoga teaching videos, Happytime has the opportunity to teach how to learn yoga safely in the workplace or at home, improve physical fitness, flexibility and and hence work happily!

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Sun Salutation Yoga Sharing

You may have heard Indians say hello to Namaskar, and Surya means the sun, and finally became a beautiful name called Japanese salutation.

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The secret of the buttocks

Today I want to share a little tip about the hips. Sitting for a long time every day, the buttocks muscles are under pressure, and walking will not necessarily use the buttocks correctly. Now there are not many opportunities to use the stairs to go up and down, as a result, the muscles are used less.

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Office self-rescue surgery for shoulder and neck pain

I spend a long time in front of the computer every day and work stressful, but it is best to relax every 1 to 2 hours to simply soothe the shoulders and neck. Avoid fatigue and aggravation of pain caused by accumulation over time.

You can use the following methods to cooperate with slow breathing, inhale outward or upward, and relax and return to normal after exhalation. If you can close your eyes, it will help to connect with your body and strengthen the relaxation effect.

A letter from a retired senior citizen to Atisha

It is not accidental to meet a good teacher. If you do, it is even more rare to learn yoga together for 5 years and grow up with each other 😃. The following is a letter from a retired senior citizen to Atisha, a fitness instructor

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Because she fell in love with yoga

The tutor's contribution to the students is often silently waiting, without expecting a return. However, if the student recalled the kindness of the tutor to him after a period of time, and sincerely thanked him, how could this overjoyed surprise be described by words 😀😌.