Course Information

Happiness ENCORE Singing Class | Singing Teaching Video

1. Sign up

  • Online course registration through the Happytime website. After receiving the information, we will confirm it by email and have someone to contact the students.

  • Phone orWhatsAppEnroll in courses: Participants can use the "Little Lucky Time" hotline orWhatsAppFor registration, office hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

2. Payment method

Students can choose the following payment methods:

Credit card
Via Stripe

Students follow the PayPal link we sent and log in to their PayPal account to pay.

Fast speed
Bank name: HSBC HSBC
Bank account name: WOW! Communications Group Limited
Account number: 499 506673 838
FPS fast payment system identification code: 167001700

Students follow the PayMe link we sent and log in to their PayMe account to pay.
PayMe display business name: Happytime

Internet Banking / Bank Teller Machine
Bank name: HSBC HSBC
Bank account name: WOW! Communications Group Limited
Account number: 499 506673 838

After processing the payment, please WhatsAPP or email back the receipt.

3. Course notes

  • After completing the purchase, the students will receive an email notification. Use a mobile phone, tablet or computer to go to the Xiaoquexun Time website, enter the registered email and password to log in, and watch the instructional videos anytime and anywhere within 90 days to learn independently.

  • Students who have purchased any singing instructional video can purchase Zoom singing or Zoom auditing tickets, and regularly perform ZOOM video singing with their instructor KATHERINE CHAN every month. Under the on-site guidance of the instructor, they can sing their pre-selected classic golden songs of the instructional film. Participants and their families can also only choose to participate in ZOOM to observe and appreciate, listen to and watch other students sing.

  • If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us by phone: 2967 5123.

4. Refund matters

  • Once a student purchases a singing instructional video, it cannot be changed to another course or cancelled once it is confirmed. There is no refund for all paid fees, and the course quota is not transferable.

5. In case of any disputes, "Small Fortune Time" reserves the right to make the final decision.