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Abdominal Breathing Technique

Wayne February 22, 2024

The abdominal breathing method helps to activate the core muscles. Place your fingers on your abdomen, inhale and push your fingers. When you exhale, your body will be slightly inducted, but you still feel that your fingers are pushing against you.

Cat breathing helps activate core muscles:

👉Relax your spine (warm up)
👉Kneel down, toes forward, legs straight, and enter the pose from the face-lift pose.
👉Inhale, press your waist, lift your hips, and raise your head
👉Exhale, arch your back, and look at your belly button
👉Add core breathing techniques later
👉Warm-up: do 3-5 times, core exercises: do 3-5 times

Tiger pose abdominal breathing method helps activate core muscles:

👉Entry from countertop
👉Inhale, raise and straighten your right foot back, exhale, bend your knees, bend your back, touch your knees to the same (right) elbow, then touch the opposite (left) elbow, and finally the tip of your nose. Do the other side again.
👉Repeat 3-5 times on each side

Downward facing dog breathing method helps activate core muscles:

👉Table top entry, push your buttocks upward
👉Straighten your spine and bend your knees and toes off the ground
👉Can be used in wide-leg downward dog pose
👉Maintain 3 to 5 deep breaths
👉If you have high blood pressure, do not do this pose or reduce the time


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