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Stretch tape application introduction

Wayne February 22, 2024

Yoga instructor Atisha introduces the application of stretching straps:

A. Open shoulders
B. Stretch the legs on the soles of the forefoot
C. Use stretching straps to help stiffen your body and complete some postures

How to Master Shoulder Opening Techniques with Stretch Bands:

👉Adjust the stretch strap to twice the shoulder width.
👉Inhale and lift the stretch to the top of your head, exhale as the top of your head falls to your buttocks.
👉Inhale, press your shoulders and bones together, lift your hands from behind to the top of your head, exhale from the front of your head to your abdomen
👉Repeat 10-20 times

Tips on how to use stretch bands to trim your waist:

👉Inhale to straighten your spine, exhale to bend to the right, inhale to return to normal
👉Exhale and bend to the left
👉Repeat 3-5 times

Tips on how to stretch your back with a stretch band:

👉Place the stretching band on the upper back arch to increase resistance.
👉Inhale, press your waist, lift your hips, and raise your head
👉Exhale, arch your back, and look at your belly button

Repeat 3-5 times


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