Expressive Art Course

Expressive Art Course

Understand yourself and others through art

Have you ever felt that language cannot express feelings, thoughts or moods? It may be that their meaning is richer, more delicate and poetic than language; perhaps learning the language of images, like an artist's creation, can make them appear!

Artistic creation does not only refer to the expensive artworks seen in art galleries. Artistic creation can be like building a small fortress with sand, drawing a painting with only straight lines, drawing a happy smiling face... etc. You can feel a sense of satisfaction in the face. Expressive art is a cross-disciplinary art category. Creators can add their sensory experience to their imagination and present them through different artistic media (including visual art, music, dance, drama, and creative text, etc.) to express themselves through their thoughts and feelings.

Students feedback

  • Learning to play art can be so easy!
  • In the process, I tried a lot of different materials, and I especially liked the flow of water to play.
  • The therapist kindly encourages us to express ourselves more~
  • In the process, I discovered that Duo Zuo himself has a lot of important things, and both the wild can't remember Zuo and return to the meaning of life.
  • I can tell my own story, it turns out that others also resonate.

Adult Expressive Art Course

Do you know yourself? Do you find your position in society?

Psychology at the age of 20-40 is the most rapid stage of change, which is full of challenges and confusion. We have come to a "Great Leap Forward" in our studies, work, and interpersonal relationships, and many branches of life are formed here. Welcome to create together, prepare a good guide and reflection time for yourself, use art to look back and find our own needs, we can learn how to deal with ourselves and love ourselves and the people around us😀

Note: This course is not a "psychotherapy" course for the relationship between medical and disease, but the healing component of understanding oneself and others through art, which is caused by being listened to or resonating. If necessary, please look for qualified help professionals (such as therapists, psychologists, counselors, etc.) for inquiries.

Adults aged 20-40 (participants do not need any experience in artistic creation.)

  • Each stage has 4 sessions, and participants must participate in the whole stage
  • Classes focus on artistic creation and sharing, so the curriculum design will be divided into two parts: (1) on-site art experience and co-creation (2) group sharing, introducing personal growth exploration topics
  • The course will record the art on-site experience part
  • Each participant will have a material carton

Class date and time 

  • Classes start March 23, 2022
  • Monday 10:00 – 11:30 am
  • The creative materials will be delivered to the home quickly within 7 days after registration. If you participate in the physical class, it will be distributed in the classroom

Number of students

  • 3 – 4 people

Class form

  • ZOOM

Group of 3-4 people

$ 500 /Class
  • Provide art materials before class
  • 90 minute class
  • WhatsApp group
  • Mentor observation report
  • Receive course certificate

You need to purchase 4 sessions at a time and complete them within the specified time.

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Introduction to Course Leader

Angie LEE

Leader of Expressive Arts, Master of Psychology minor in Expressive Art Therapy at Swiss European Institute, Instructor of Harmony Pastel in Japan, MBA from HKUST, BA from CUHK, Graduated from Bethel Christian Mission School in the United States, recovering from cancer , was a senior executive of a multinational listed company. He has rich life experience. He likes to lead expressive art workshops in a relaxed way, inspire new thinking, and allow participants who do not know art skills to enjoy the aesthetic experience.

Amber CHAN

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) Accredited Professional Member, Qualified Practicing Expressive Arts Therapist, Certified American Certified®️ Music Drum Circle Lead Instructor, Circle Painting®️ Circle Painting Instructor, Certified Harmony Pastel®️ Associate Instructor

Amber graduated from the MA in Psychology with a minor in Expressive Arts Therapy. After graduation, she is dedicated to promoting mental health in the therapeutic field as an Expressive Arts Therapist. Amber mainly uses visual arts, music and dance to lead the group, and the service targets include mentally ill, rehabilitated people, caregivers, parents and children, children and adolescents with special learning needs, parents of children with special learning needs, moderate intellectual disabilities and people with disabilities etc.

Amber collaborated with Happytime on an expressive art course in 2021, and in 2022, she became a full-time expressive art therapist for the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong.