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Little Lucky Time LIVE video classroom and fitnessInstructor Atisha, we sincerely invite you who focus on health to participate in the free experience day with your family and friends. Instructor Atisha personally introduces four selected fitness courses (Yo tendons, meditation yoga, breathing healing and all-round perfect posture personal training ), demonstrate different asanas and methods. Participants can participate on-site through Zoom to obtain professional guidance and advice, which is helpfulPromote the individualbodyAttitude, reduce stress, stabilize mood and relieve pain😀

Do not miss March 20, 2021 (4:00pm – 6:00pm) Free Experience Day, After the experience class is over, Atisha will give an extra 10 minutes How to improve low back pain tutorial videos📽 Watch it for everyone 👀, and Surprise offer For all participants, the quota is limited, registration as soon as possible😀

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Yo tendons

Through simple asanas, stretching and relaxing, it helps to improve internal organ function and sleep quality. Effective breathing can also help relax muscles, balance left and right brains, and improve pain and emotional problems.

Healing yoga class

Through slow and natural breathing, along with the direction of the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, the tendons and fascia are deeply relaxed to achieve the healing effect of the unity of body and mind. Helps reduce stress, improves sleep quality, muscle tightness and pain.

All-round perfect body course private teaching class 

Break the traditional concept of weight-loss, start from the heart to speed up the metabolism, first health, then beautify the body. It is especially effective for waist, arms, abdominal muscles, hip and leg lines and other body shapes to improve personal posture.

Breath Healing Class

Cooperate with learning different breathing methods, balance the left and right brains for different physical and mental problems, improve emotional instability, insomnia, depression, overexcitement, acid reflux, complexion, gastrointestinal and lower back pain; improve positive energy, increase creativity and resistance.

How to improve shoulder and back pain instructional video

Students feel and share after experience

I have always been a tough one. After doing yoga, I discovered that there is room for flexion. Because the teacher's movements are simple and moderate, and because I live in the office building all day, my neck hurts to death. Fortunately, I met Atisha and followed her to learn yoga. The first class was relaxed and comfortable, and the second class was already familiar. The most important thing is that there is a lot less neck pain, a veritable healing yoga, sincerely thank you Atisha 😘

Business managers

I am a housewife and have long-term knee pain. Since I have followed the Atisha yoga class, Atisha will teach me the stretching exercises that suit me according to my physical pain needs, and it is gradual and easy to follow. Atisha teaches seriously, and is eager to answer and teach. After learning the yoga class, I feel that my body relaxes a lot, which is of great help to my body. Thank you Atisha🙏


Teacher Atisha is very careful and pays attention to students' movements in class to ensure that their movements are correct and safe. In addition, she is very patient to answer the questions of her classmates.

Teacher Atisha can use simple and easy-to-understand language to express the requirements of each movement, which is not possible for the yoga class instructor I have participated in before.


I learned Yoga and Lajin for a period of time with Atisha. Through simple exercises and easy learning, my shoulder and neck pain and knee joint pain have been improved a lot. I used to have pain when I went up and down the stairs, but now it is no longer painful. At the same time, the quality of my sleep has also improved, and the breathing method has greatly improved my lung health. I used to be sensitive to the trachea during the season, but now it is gone, and the stubborn phlegm in the morning is gone. I am really grateful to Arisha for his careful teaching, which made me healthy.

Business Owners

I was fortunate enough to attend the teacher’s online yoga class. I felt that I was walking briskly. I felt refreshed. I knew how to improve my body movements. The softness of hands and feet has improved. It is a suitable retirement exercise for me. Thank you very much for the teacher's careful guidance!

Retired housewife

Recall that our yoga class was formed because Atisha, a kind-hearted and kind young lady, promised to teach us this group of elders, and the fee was affordable. We don't usually exercise much, so the joints of the body are relatively hard, which is far from the teacher's demonstration. However, Atisha gently and patiently helps us to meet the basic requirements as much as possible, so that our confidence grows. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the teachers and classmates, everyone's muscles and bones began to soften and fell in love with yoga. Unless there are special things, they will not miss class!

The teacher not only teaches yoga movements, but also teaches us to calmly feel the body's response, learn to communicate with the body, and elevate the extraordinary yoga to the spiritual realm!

During the period when the teacher left Hong Kong to study in India, some of our classmates had participated in other yoga classes for the elderly, but they all felt it was not appropriate. The reason is that Atisha has carefully tailored the entire course for our class of elders!

Now it’s great to have Zoom. We can learn from Atisha again. Through the video, our classmates can get together again and regain the warmth of cherishing the day!

A classmate said, "We are all so lucky, and I met this good teacher when we started to learn yoga!" When we expressed our gratitude to the teacher, she always said humbly, "Thank you for your support and encouragement!" Teacher, thank you for your love and kindness for inspiring and sustaining us! We not only learn yoga, but also love and respect! Teacher Atisha, thank you!

Retired elderly

I have been with Teacher Atisha for about five years. Over the past five years, I have learnt yoga with Teacher Atisha and have benefited a lot.

Before learning yoga with teacher Atisha, I had never learned yoga. At first, I was worried that my bones would become hard when I was older, and I could not do some yoga movements, so I just tried to learn it. Unexpectedly, I met a very good teacher. Teacher Atisha taught from the most basic breathing, which part of each movement should be exercised, and how to master the movement so as not to hurt oneself. He explained clearly with patience. After a period of study, especially the understanding of breathing, it has greatly improved my respiratory diseases for many years.

Some people learn yoga to pursue the difficulty of asanas. Compared with this, I prefer Teacher Atisha to focus on Vipassana. She often guides us to relax and adjust our emotions. This helped me to get out of emotional distress and achieve peace of mind.

With this disease plagued the world today, it is a great gift from God to continue to learn yoga with Teacher Atisha. I am very grateful! I also cherish this fate with Teacher Atisha!
Thanks! Thank you!

Retired elderly

In the past year, almost all activities have been suspended due to the epidemic. We, the elderly, can only stay at home obediently, and are thinking hard about how we can sit at home and have normal activities. At this time, the teacher Atisha organized us to use mobile phones to install ZOOM and go to the yoga studio. At first, I was a little resisted. Try it once. As a result, I couldn't stop after a try. During the whole process, I felt that I was still with a class of students, and when the posture was wrong, the teacher immediately pointed out the correction, as if I was beside me.

After going to school for a while, I found that my whole person was relaxed and the quality of sleep improved. Especially on the night after class, I slept till dawn. For this reason, the whole person is more motivated than before, and at the same time, the feeling of fatigue is reduced, which proves that health is moving forward.
Teacher, thank you again for your careful teaching, I will continue to attend the class, thank you! 

Retired elderly

"Born in the blessing"
I started learning yoga with my wife in my 60s. I was fortunate enough to meet the kind and beautiful teacher Atisha. From scratch, I was the only man in the all-girls class, but I was trusted by the teacher and classmates and felt warm. Thank you for your understanding and patient teaching and effective After exercise and surgery, I have improved both physically and mentally. Thank you very much to the teacher. I look forward to the weekly yoga class with teachers and classmates to practice together.

After more than a year of hardship and epidemic, the yoga class has recently reopened in the form of ZOOM. I am happy to reunited with the long-lost teachers and students in video. I would like to thank Mr. ATISHA for caring and loving our class of elders. We will cherish it....

Retired elderly

My first exposure to yoga was a few years ago. After recovering from cervical and lumbar spine displacement, I wanted to find some exercises that could maintain the softness of my muscles and bones without too much hard work. I started to learn yoga after being introduced by a friend. I used to be yoga every Monday. All classes were cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic. It happened that Atisha introduced the possibility of online classes. At first, I doubted the effectiveness, but after the first class, I changed my mind.

First of all, it is more convenient to go to the center than in the past to go to school at home, without running around. Second, I originally thought that Hea could live and do online classes, but the teachers are so serious about watching you do it, even if some details can't escape her eyes. Third, you can put down the tiredness of the day when you finish it at night, relax and sleep better.

Therefore, I highly recommend to friends who have never tried online classes to change the class mode. Experience a different yoga class.

Sales Practitioner

About The Coach

Atisha obtained a yoga instructor training certificate in India, and served as an assistant in a local teacher training course, and then received a yoga instructor training course in China, followed by different instructors in India and China to learn yoga therapy.

Atisha has also received training as a stretching instructor in Hong Kong. During her stay in Hong Kong, she has experience in teaching yoga for the elderly and decompression classes for adults. Atisha has also received formal massage therapist training in Thailand and was awarded the Thai massage instructor qualification recognized by the Thai government.

With soft Indian yoga and Thai massage therapy (also known as passive yoga), Atisha sincerely helps different people and provides physical and mental healing.