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We are very pleased to introduce you the exciting opportunity to join the overseas franchise of HappyTime, a fast growing and leading brand in the education industry, offering a unique learning platform. As a franchisee, you will have the opportunity to bring this exciting experience to your community and be part of our successful and dynamic team. With our proven business model, comprehensive support and training programs, you can enjoy the benefits of starting a business while being backed by a well-known and reputable brand. Join us and become a member of the Happytime family!

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Note: Statistics are until June 2024

Learning Platform

✅Personalized course content

✅Video, teaching note and assignment submission functions

✅Social sharing and communications

Mobile APP

✅Apple and Google store download

✅Personalized course content

✅Social sharing and communications

Coaches and Courses

✅Professional coaches and tutors

✅Proprietary course content

✅Multiple teaching modes: online, video, physical and hybrid

Promotion Support

✅Brand promotion and management

✅Conversion on target audience

✅Optimize return on ad spend

Business Training

✅Comprehensive business development

✅Staff training and management

✅Workflow design and monitoring

Technology Support

✅Website and App platform support

✅Artificial intelligence application

✅Digital and technology support

Mentor Training

✅Star trainers sharing

✅Professional skills training

✅Digital skills training

Financial Management

✅Digital software application

✅Financial supervision and control

✅Reporting and legal support

Embrace multiple teaching models and get the best of both worlds through online and physical teaching

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