We are very excited to announce that Happytime has welcomed a brand new member:Dmire. Dmire is our exclusive house brand dedicated to providing you with a range of thoughtful and exceptional gifts. existDmire, you will experience a world of extraordinary gifts. Our curated collection redefines gift-giving, offering unique and personalized options. Our thoughtfully designed gifts bring joy and gratitude. Explore our collection and let your imagination soar.

Welcome toDmire, the extraordinary moment begins here.

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Little Happiness in life

Happytime searched around for some views of different time and space in the world, and shared with you, to prepare a gift for yourself and the people around you.

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Lucky to have you with us through 2021😊

While welcoming 2022, looking back on 2021, we are grateful for the support of many coaches, students, and organizations to continue to develop and grow. The relief of the epidemic has become an opportunity for growth, from online learning to physical education. Students cover a wide rangefrom elementary school students to adults, as well as the elderly. You have personally experienced the careful teaching of the instructors, and you have applied and developed the skills and knowledge you learned in your life and work. We received a lot of encouragement and positive responses, which gave us more energy, to carry out more work, and to invest more resources and time.

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Happy Father's Day to the best dad

Memories are washed away by the long river of time, and many fragments will slowly pass away, but I believe that we all have some childhood memories and childhood "small luck" that have been kept in our hearts for a long time. Bread and I also met when I was a child: I sat at the table when I was young and watched my grandmother make Chinese buns and noodles. The white flour was turned into delicious food through her skillful hands. Under the influence of my ears, I have been exposed to and learning to make Chinese buns and noodles by myself since I was 6 years old. Until recent years, because of my preferences and interests, and for the health of myself and my family, I began to learn to make bread and constantly tried and improved various recipes and practices.

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Happytime you may have overlooked

Happiness can be very abstract. Some people try their best to pursue it and get nothing, some believe that it is built on wealth, and some people believe that these opportunities will never belong to them. In fact, happiness can be very simple, as long as you pay attention to daily life, happiness is always around.

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Haruki Murakami's "Little Happiness"

"Little Happiness" refers to a person’s life. If you only consume for consumption, succeed for success, and fight for struggle, without the "true happiness" obtained through "self-regulation", then life is not just a dry desert. That's it.

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