Immunity-enhancing diet-dialogue with dietitian

Resisting life makes us realize the importance of maintaining our immunity. When it comes to immunity, everyone thinks that eating more fruits and absorbing more vitamin C is enough. Our body's immune system is actually very complicated, and it is not enough to absorb a certain nutrient. The nutritionist will guide everyone to "drink" 🥛 and "eat" 🥄🥢 to enhance the ability to resist the virus🦠. In addition, the nutritionist will also share the meal out 🍱 🍱And anti-epidemic tips for cooking at home👩‍🍳. 😀

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Immune Diet Method-Free ZOOM Lecture Sharing Session


  • Housewives, retirees and working people who focus on healthy eating. I hope that through the lectures, learning is helpful to eatmethod,Enhance the body's immunity, reduce and fight the infection of the epidemic.

LectureIntroduction to Sharing Session

  • The nutritionist will guide everyone on what to "drink" and what to "eat" to enhance their ability to fight the virus. In addition, dietitians will also share anti-epidemic tips for eating out and cooking at home.

Lecture format

  • 30 minutes explanation
  • 30 minutes to ask questions

Maximum number of participants

  • 30 people

Lecture date and time

  • 2021.2.4 (Thursday)
  • 11:00 – 12:00 am and 8:00 – 9:00 pm

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Video of lecture sharing session

Introduction of lecture tutor

HK BioTek Nutritionist – Ms Stephanie Koo

Graduated from the Department of Food and Nutritional Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, currently working in a biotechnology health testing company HK BioTek. Since childhood, he has a keen interest in biology and chemistry, and aspires to become a nutritionist, master the nutritional needs of the human body at different stages of life, and apply nutritional knowledge to the daily diet of himself and his family. Because of work experience, I have special interest and experience in organic functional foods, urban sub-health status, eczema skin management, and hypoallergenic diets.