Wedding MC's Magic Wand
Wedding emcee Iki holding a magic wand


MC Iki, who has been a star emcee for two consecutive years, will open your heart to you and reveal the personal story of the wedding emcee, giving students who are interested in entering the industry a golden opportunity to learn about the industry.

An excellent wedding emcee can add color to the wedding and drive the atmosphere of the banquet. It is a very challenging and satisfying job. MC Iki, who has been a star emcee for two consecutive years, will open her inside world to you and reveal her personal story of the wedding emcee, giving students who are interested in becoming a MC a golden opportunity to learn about the industry.

Editor: What kind of work did you do? What drove you to be master of ceremonies and getting into the wedding industry?

MC Iki: In addition to being a wedding emcee, I am also an emcee for corporate events, as well as a makeup artist and model. I think I am very happy to be able to work in the wedding industry. It is a great satisfaction to be able to preside over important life events for the newlyweds that only happen once in their lives, and to be able to help the newlyweds successfully complete the wedding with my professional knowledge.

Editor: How would you describe the job of "wedding master of ceremonies"? For you, what is the role of the wedding emcee in a wedding?

MC Iki: Many people think that the role of the "wedding emcee" is mainly to speak on stage, but the truth is that more than half of the work happens offstage - such as communicating with the venue manager, time management, etc. This requires many different skills such as observation skills, communication skills, time management and adaptability, and so on. It is a very challenging jobs,

And I think the wedding emcee is like a fairy holding a magic wand, who can make things in the wedding from bright to sparkle by waving the magic wand (especially the newlyweds often describe my emcee style as being generous and decent), elegant and inspiring.

Editor: Are there any stories of newcomers that particularly impressed you?

MC Iki: Each new couple's story is unique. I was deeply impressed by the story of a new couple I met once. Their love story is like a princess and prince in a fairy tale, each being the only love in the other's life. Even after 12 years of acquaintance and love, looking at each other's eyes is still full of love.

They are all Disney super fans, spend all their anniversaries at Disneyland, and are more eager to get married with a fairy tale wedding. As the emcee of ceremonies that day, in addition to the theme of the fairy tale world, I am more familiar with various Disney stories, plots, and words for this reason, and I also tailor the love story of the new couple to express it in a fairy tale way—for example, describe The bride is as beautiful as Snow White; Moana in Moana is daring to innovate, and Snow White's 7 best friends are as attentive and so on, to achieve a perfect and elegant fairy tale wedding for the newlyweds.

Editor: On the wedding emcee, do you have any breakthroughs you want to share this year?

MC Iki: In the past, my clients were mainly from the mass market. This year, I was very fortunate to be the emcee of the wedding banquet exhibition for the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which opened the way for Premium/Luxury Wedding MC. I am very grateful for the positive feedback from the newcomers. Looking forward to further progress in this direction.

In addition, I am very excited to say that this year there are also course directors and tutors of professional emcee courses. I look forward to sharing my experience and making the wedding emcee industry flourish.

Editor: The satisfaction of this year's work comes from...?

MC Iki: I am very grateful for the trust of the newcomers. This year, the job satisfaction comes from the satisfaction of the newcomers of 100%, and I often take the initiative to introduce iki to friends who are about to get married.

Editor: Wedding emcee is not an easy job, what is the hard work, and what makes you persevere?

MC Iki: In the past two years, I have been deeply aware of the impact of the epidemic on the wedding industry. After all, weddings are places where people gather, especially when dealing with things that require greater flexibility and mentality adjustments — there have been newcomers in the past. The wedding needs to be rescheduled 5 times...

It is precisely because of this situation that I believe that the newlyweds need more professional advice from the emcee, so the value of the emcee in the wedding is even more evident.

Editor: Can you share your favorite quotes recently? Please explain why?

MC Iki:
Sometimes weddings don’t go as expected or unexpected events happen, which will make the couple feel very worried and nervous, and I like to share the golden phrase “change is forever” with the couple, so that the couple can clearly understand the actual situation. It is normal to be different from your imagination, and it is more important to understand
having a "powerful" master of ceremonies really helped a lot and made the wedding go smoothly.

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