On-campus emcee training tailor-made for the best experience
On-campus master of ceremonies training


At the beginning of the new school year, Xiao Que Xing Shi was invited by Fude School and Sha Tin Wai Dr. Hu Suzhen Memorial School to provide training for the school's little master of ceremonies

The new school year begins, and the small lucky time won theFord SchoolandShatin Wai Dr. Hu So-ching MemorialSchoolInvitation, to provide a small emcee training, tutor Iki Yeung and his team tailor-made the best experience for students, and teach them how to be a good emcee 😄

The Master of Ceremonies training course includes:

  • Get to know the job and prerequisites of an emcee + learn effective ways to relieve tension
  • Confident standing and sitting + effective eye and facial expression training
  • Master accurate Cantonese pronunciation and articulation
  • 10 Steps to Handling an Emcee's Manuscript
  • Eye-catching use and interpretation of voice + Use appropriate tone and speed to win attention
  • The secret of the interaction between two emcees
  • Effective speaking organization skills
  • Achievement acceptance test

Earlier, a small fortunate time wasSKH Kee Fook Primary SchoolandBuddhist Charity School, online or on-campus training for more than 100 young masters of ceremonies, with remarkable results.

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