Mobile filming course to empower Social media marketing

The Mobile Filming Course teaches you how to shoot and edit with a mobile phone. In addition to operating related mobile applications, the course will also teach you the basic shooting and editing skills using mobile phones as a medium, so that you can become a competent multimedia producer from zero. The course is especially suitable for educational institutions, personal trainers, tutors, online shops, SMEs and NGOs who need to work on the production of social media videos, promotions, corporate training, product and event shooting.

Mobile multimedia instructors Billy Wong and Edison Leung are experienced in video production and have participated in a number of commercials, documentaries, music videos, large-scale musicals, commercials and drama productions.

Mobile Filming Course

Lesson 1: Basic Skills of Cell Phone Photography; Fundamentals of Cell Phone Video Recording

Lesson 2: Principles and Logic of Lighting and Natural Light

Lesson 3: Composition for group photos and activity records; techniques for handheld photography and content capture

Lesson 4: Commodity composition logic; techniques for stationary photography, commodity placement and content ingestion

Lesson 5: Adjustment logic of photo time and color

Lesson 6: The operation of editing programs, and the basic logic of editing; material selection and editing skills

Lesson 7: Communication methods and functions of commercial films and pictures and publicity methods

Lesson 8: Practice what you have learned and share your work

  • Institutional director, manager or executive
  • Personal coach or mentor
  • Charity director, manager or executive
  • SME owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Students interested in joining the Digital Marketing industry
  • KOL
  • Focus on practice, experience sharing and demonstration
  • Arrange the purpose and order of the teaching by understanding the needs of the students, and proceed with the training step by step
  • Through demonstrations and explanations, students can learn and understand practical skills

Number of students

  • 5 – 10 people

Class date and time

To be determined

Mobile Filming Course

$ 3,800 /8 lessons
  • 11 hours ZOOM class
  • Teaching notes
  • Zoom video review

Tuition fee $3,800 for 8 lessons in the whole period, paid in 2 installments, $1,900 before registration, and $1,900 after 4 lessons

Private one-to-one lessons

HK$ 2,500 /2 classes
  • 1 to 1 professor or 2-3 people group
  • 90 minutes per class (zoom/physical)
  • Personalized target teaching

To be completed within the specified time

Teaching sharing of mobile phone filming and cutting | How is a good video born?

How is a good video born🧐? Billy Wong and Edison Leung share:
• How to use mobile phone gimbal and mobile APP to shoot
• How to use the mobile APP to edit content into high-quality video clips
• How to make a real professional shooting case
• The latest mobile phone photography course


We have a free 15-minute online chat to facilitate understanding of your needs and ideas, and the course design will be developed according to your abilities and goals.

Private one-to-one lessons will be 100% tailored to the needs and abilities of students, and group lessons will be adjusted to suit the needs of group members.

The design of the course is based on practical use, and can be fully practiced in work or personal career, which greatly improves personal knowledge and ability, creates advantages and competitiveness in the talent market, and achieves breakthroughs for institutions or personal careers. develop.

The course takes four lessons as a unit and needs to be completed within the specified time.

After completing all the courses, students can obtain a mobile phone filming course certificate.

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About The Coach

Mobile multimedia instructors Billy Wong and Edison Leung have rich experience in filming and production. They have participated in a number of commercials, documentaries, music videos, large-scale musicals, commercials and drama productions.