Teaching sharing of mobile phone filming and cutting
Teaching sharing of mobile phone filming and cutting


How is a good video born?

How does a good film come about? Billy Wong and Edison Leung share:

• How to use mobile phone stabilizer and mobile APP to shoot • How to use mobile APP to edit content into high-quality video clips • How to make real professional shooting cases • The latest mobile video shooting courses

The mobile phone filming course will start on September 15th and will include:
Lesson 1: Basic Skills of Cell Phone Photography; Fundamentals of Cell Phone Video Recording
Lesson 2: Principles and Logic of Lighting and Natural Light
Lesson 3: Composition for group photos and activity records; techniques for handheld photography and content capture
Lesson 4: Commodity composition logic; techniques for stationary photography, commodity placement and content ingestion
Lesson 5: Adjustment logic of photo time and color
Lesson 6: The operation of editing programs, and the basic logic of editing; material selection and editing skills
Lesson 7: Communication methods and functions of commercial films and pictures and publicity methods
Lesson 8: Practice what you have learned and share your work

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