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The responses this time were mostly fun, in-depth interactions, enhanced topics, and established cooperation.

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The internship opportunities for children start from data collectors, mock debaters to main debaters, gradually empowering children to develop critical thinking, communication skills, flexibility and teamwork spirit, and nurture future parliamentarians, lawyers, CEOs, and directors. and charismatic leadership.

The participating students not only learned practical emcee skills, but also significantly improved their self-confidence and self-expression skills. During this process, every student became more confident and calm, showing great progress and growth both in class and in daily life.

Children are guided through these fun yet structured exercises, where their physical movements become props and imaginary movements become scenes.

In the last session of treatment, some students said to Virginia: "We will miss you very much. I hope you can come and sing with us again" and "I don't want you to leave."

Accompanied by Virginia's piano and African drum, each student used a percussion instrument or other musical instrument of their own choice to perform themed improvisational music with the therapist. Virginia carefully observed the students' musical responses and led everyone in the aftermath. Discuss and share.

What we are cultivating is not only English-speaking emcees, but also future leaders and professionals who are confident and capable in the future society.

Edison and Billy not only teach, but also work as extras themselves, shooting and producing short films with the students. Every student has the opportunity to serve as a director and shoot his or her dream work! This hands-on approach filled the course with laughter and creative sparks.

AD HERE Advertising Contest 2021
Hong Kong Baptist University International College and music brand KKBOX co-organize the 15th "AD HERE Advertising Contest 2021"
Mr. Wayne Wong, Director of Happytime, being the judge of AD HERE Advertising Contest 2021
The competition invited Ms. Leung, Assistant Marketing Manager of partner organization KKBOX, Mr. Chiu, Senior Business Development Director, and Mr. Wayne Wong, Director of Happytime, as judges.