Online viewing of Chinese medicine video consultation service

Facing thousands of new confirmed cases every day, Hong Kong's public healthcare system is now seriously overloaded. At the same time, more and more people are beginning to worry that if they have symptoms of suspected new crown or influenza under the current situation(such as sore throat, runny nose, muscle pain, vomiting, etc.)Will it become "no way to seek medical treatment"? Little really lucky time now andChen YangxiongSenior Registered Chinese Physician Work together to support citizens to "see doctors online" without leaving their homes, so that doctors can usevideo callFor your diagnosis, the medicine can be delivered directly to your home, reducing the risk of bringing the virus to your family due to going out, and fighting the epidemic together!

Chen YangxiongSenior Registered Chinese Physician

Senior Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Chen Yangxiong (Registration No. 000976) is one of the first batch of Chinese Medicine Practitioners registered by the Chinese Medicine Council in Hong Kong. In response to the recent call by the Anti-epidemic Team of the Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Association, he has been registered to join the list of physicians in the "Video Consultation Medical Service". Provide telemedicine services to the public to fully support the fight against the epidemic. Physician Chen hopes to do his part in this difficult time to provide timely assistance to citizens in need, and to work together with other colleagues to support the fight against the epidemic, and to give full play to the clinical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine for epidemics.Practice the original intention and mission of a doctor.

Chen Yangxiong, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, has been passed down from three generations. He has accumulated more than 40 years of clinical experience in internal medicine since he practiced medicine. He has inherited his family's knowledge and medical ethics. He is good at treating colds and chronic coughs, pediatrics (eating disorders, whooping cough, etc.) , tocolysis), dermatology (such as acne, eczema, raw snakes), edema, pain, and liver depression and anxiety and other intractable diseases.

WhatsApp video consultation to deliver medicine to home

Too busy with work to find time to go to the clinic to see a doctor? Worried about being infected when visiting the clinic during the epidemic? Sitting at home, let a senior registered Chinese medicine practitioner conduct a video call for your diagnosis, and the medicine can be delivered directly to your home!

You can try this online (Traditional Chinese Medicine) consultation service. You can see a doctor online without leaving your home, reducing the chance of bringing the virus home to the clinic. The clinic will arrange express delivery of medicines to protect yourself and others during the epidemic!

Especially during the epidemic, there are certain risks in visiting clinics and hospitals.

In addition to being able to tell the symptoms through a video call with the doctor, if necessary, the user can also show the doctor the affected area through the camera. After completing the consultation, the medicine will be delivered to the home by courier. Video consultation has been very "humanized". While the drug is delivered, the doctor's recorded text messages will be uploaded on the App, such as the nurses in traditional clinics explaining the drugs in detail; and then there will be dedicated customer service staff (ie concierge) Follow up on your condition, the whole process is very considerate and caring, caring in place, in order to ensure that the patient's medicine is cured.

It aims to provide patients with more convenient and diversified consultation arrangements, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, so that they do not have to visit the clinic in person, save travel time, and reduce the risk of infection caused by going out for medical treatment.

The patient must pay the required fees on the online platform after the consultation, including the consultation fee, medicine fee and delivery fee of Chinese medicine. The fee for online consultation is the same as for face-to-face consultation. The shipping fee for home delivery depends on the dosage of the drug. Starting from HK$56, the first 500 patients who use the new service will be exempted from shipping charges for home delivery. For details, please contact the clinic staff.

When will it be delivered?

Using the new service is easy. The patient first calls the above two clinics to make an appointment with the resident Chinese medicine practitioner, and then receives the remote consultation from the Chinese medicine practitioner through the video call function of the mobile communication software WhatsApp at the appointment time. Medicines prescribed by TCM physicians will be delivered to the patient's designated location through the home delivery service.


Consultation fee (with3Japanese essential medicines) in Hong Kong dollars200Yuan1

  • Medications delivered directly to home within four hours of consultation

  • throughPulseVideo consultation with a registered general practitioner2, reduce the risk of cross-infection in the clinic

  1. Additional drug delivery feeHK$50-80(depending on region) and special medication (if any).

  2. Service Hours: Monday to Friday morning9from time to night7hours (the last time to submit a consultation request is in the evening6half-hour); Saturday morning9pm to pm1(the last time to submit a consultation request is in the afternoon1230 hours), except public holidays.

Under the epidemic, many citizens are worried that going to hospitals or clinics may increase the risk of infection

Some family doctors believe that the elderly, young children or people with limited mobility can use online medical consultation, but if there are some subjective symptoms such as pain, dizziness, etc., face-to-face consultation should be carried out.

Consultation fee

$ 150

video consultation

Medicine fee

$ 350+

drug delivery feeHK$50-80(depending on region) and special medication (if any).


Common symptoms such as colds, flu, sinusitis, respiratory tract infections, stomach ulcers, external bruises, etc. are used for the assessment of visual diagnosis. Even for skin problems that plague many Hong Kong people, users can send high-definition photos to help doctors understand the condition.

The team of doctors attending the consultation is professionally trained to assess whether a patient is suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus during the video consultation. If necessary, the doctor will refer the patient for further medical treatment.

Prudential has partnered with MyDoc, an internationally renowned digital healthcare service company, with a team of doctors with more than 12 years of clinical experience, all of whom pass outpatient tests and receive additional clinical training.

Need not! The medicine is usually delivered to the user's house within 4 hours after the diagnosis, and the courier will ask the recipient to enter the first 4 digits of the ID card or the designated code to verify the identity.

The whole process from registration, payment, waiting, consultation, and medicine collection can be completed at home. The use process is simple and fast:

Charges include doctor's consultation fees, three-day essential medicines, and one-time free delivery of medicines.

Symptoms: Sore throat, cough, runny nose, vomiting, fever, muscle pain, headache