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Note: The statistical data period is January-December 2021

Happytime Course

Karson Pop Singing Class

Karson HO is an independent singer-songwriter and a singing teacher. He has participated in large-scale singing competitions and judged many college singing competitions. Karson’s singing competition experience and more than 6 years of teaching experience, coupled with the mixing and singing skills master JEFFREY CHOI Cai Zefu, obtained the Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certification instructor qualification, which happens to help you learn healthy voice use. In the "Pop Singing Class", he shared his best mixing singing skills with everyone, helping students build a confident pop singing style, more confidently perform songs of different difficulties, and enjoy the fun of learning to sing!

Happy ENCORE Singing Course

Happytime and pop singer-composer & vocal instructor KATHERINE CHAN, has jointly launched the "Happy ENCORE Singing Course". KATHERINE will demonstrate different singing and interpretation methods for you. Participants will sing live through Zoom and receive professional guidance and advice.

Personal Image Course

"Multi-talented" Iki Yeung specially recommends the flagship course "SHARP Awakening Master of Ceremony and Presiding Class", focusing on teaching everyone how to improve their personal image in the workplace, including teaching pronunciation and voice control, handling nervousness, writing master of ceremonies, and SHARP on stage Awakening tips and on-the-spot "student" secrets; and the "Bright Eyes Makeup Class", which teaches you how to spend 15 minutes of makeup time every day to increase your self-confidence, give your boss, colleagues and work partners a good impression, and greatly increase your personal charm.

Expressive Art Course

Have you ever felt that language cannot express feelings, thoughts or moods? It may be that their meaning is richer, more delicate and poetic than language; perhaps learning the language of images, like an artist's creation, can make them appear! Artistic creation does not only refer to the expensive artworks seen in art galleries. Artistic creation can be to build a small fortress with sand, somehow want to draw a painting with only straight lines, draw a happy smiling face... etc. You can feel a sense of satisfaction in the face. Expressive art is a cross-disciplinary art category. Creators can add their sensory experience to their imagination and present them through different artistic media (including visual art, music, dance, drama, and creative text, etc.) to express themselves. Thoughts and feelings.

Digital Transformation Knowledge Management Workshop

With the rise of cloud, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and other technologies, digital transformation (DT) has evolved from an innovative business model to a major global trend. Happytime is now working with Paul Fraley, an acclaimed professor and business leader to conduct digital transformation knowledge management workshop for corporate and organization executives, business owners, trainers and coaches.

Digital Marketing Coach

As the director of an online education platform, Happytime, serving for local and global markets, Wayne WONG is excited to offer digital marketing coaching services for educational institutions, personal coaches, mentors, SMEs and NGOs to help you establish a digital marketing and customer relationship management system

Running training class

It’s a great honor for Happytime to invite Mr. Lam Wai Hei, a well-known running coach in the running world, to co-organize group running training. He devoted himself to track and field when he was young and also loved basketball. Unfortunately, since 2005, a series of serious injuries have hit him, and the road to recovery is long and heavy. In the low ebb of life, running has been affecting him subtly. The transformation of life also begins with a marathon. In 2019, Lam completed three online races of the "Six Horses" within three hours within one month in 2020. This is really a good story in running circles.

Online Yoga Course

As you grow older, your body will naturally change to varying degrees, such as weakening of muscle strength, poor balance, and decreased sleep quality. Everyone may have many different recipes to improve. Yoga instructor Atisha is fortunate to have a group of students who believe that yoga, stretching, and breathing can improve health. She has been supporting her and practicing. In the past when teaching classes and doing healing, Atisha was happiest to learn that the health of the students had improved; the number of doctor visits had been reduced; or he could heal himself through breathing.

Creative Calligraphy Course

Happytime is honored to invite PAUL WONG, a well-known advertising film director and art creator who has won numerous awards, to teach you how to cultivate your character and taste of art through his unique calligraphy class. If you are a fan of art, fine arts, calligraphy and even Chinese culture, you will enjoy the teaching of Paul and his class, and learn from him to create your own works of art.

Bakery BIY Course

The course teaches everyone how to bake healthy bread, bread shape and natural yeast knowledge, key points and secrets. Baking instructor PEARL LUI has baked more than 200 bun recipes, she has also cultivated her own sour seeds and successfully developed natural yeast recipes.