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Learn basic vocal skills from scratch

Happytime and pop singer-songwriter and vocal music instructor KATHERINE CHAN jointly launched a basic vocal music training course. The course is suitable for those who have a strong interest in singing and who want to learn the basic skills of vocal music and improve their singing skills. The foundation includes:

  • Build good luck habits
  • Recognize the attributes, strengths and limitations of your own voice
  • Vocal cords and human anatomy
  • Adjust your personal voice
  • Principles and techniques of confident and moving singing 
Vocal Techniques 101 Course

Vocal Techniques 101 Course

Lesson 1: Build Good Luck Habits

Lesson 2: Recognize the attributes, strengths and limitations of your own voice

Lesson 3: Vocal cords, anatomy of the human body

Lesson 4: Adjusting the Personal Voice 1

Lesson 5: Adjusting the Personal Voice 2

Lesson 6: Open Etude Application*

Lesson 7: Confident Singing Principles and Techniques + Live Singing Instruction 1 (2 hours)

Lesson 8: Touching Singing Principles and Techniques + Live Singing Instruction 2 (2 hours)

Other options: Students can obtain personal voice and singing evaluation for an additional fee: Instructor comments and suggestions video (about 10 minutes) + evaluation report *Students can purchase the music score and music guide mp3 (each song / complete purchase)

1 hour 15 minutes per class (2 hours for individual classes)

Those who have a strong interest in singing and wish to learn the basic skills of vocal music and improve their singing skills

  • Equal emphasis on curriculum theory and practice
  • The coach selects her own opening etudes in each lesson to consolidate the students’ vocal foundation
  • The coach sets up a question and answer session in each class to explain the vocal problems to the students on the spot
  • After completing the course, students can obtain a basic vocal training class certificate

Number of students

  • 10 – 20 people

Class date and time

Tuesday 14 June 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 1: Build Good Luck Habits

Tuesday, June 21st 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 2: Recognize the attributes, strengths and limitations of your own voice

Tuesday, July 5 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 3: Vocal cords, anatomy of the human body

Tuesday, July 19 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 4: Adjusting the Personal Voice 1

Tuesday 26 July 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 5: Adjusting the Personal Voice 2

Tuesday 2 August 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 6: Open Etude Application*

Tuesday 16 August 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 7: Confident Singing Principles and Techniques + Live Singing Instruction 1 (2 hours)

Tuesday 23 August 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Lesson 8: Touching Singing Principles and Techniques + Live Singing Instruction 2 (2 hours)

Vocal Techniques 101 Course

$ 2,800 /8 lessons
  • 11.5 hours ZOOM class
  • Teaching notes
  • Live vocal coaching
  • Zoom video review

Tuition fee $2,800 for 8 classes in the whole period is paid in 2 installments, $1,400 is paid before registration, and the balance is $1,400 after 4 classes

Free experience of basic vocal training

Feeling that learning to sing is abstract, but want to improve your vocal charm? We sincerely invite Katherine Miss fans and friends to participate in the free experience of basic vocal training on June 7th (Tuesday) from 9:00 to 10:00 pm. At that time, Katherine Miss will sing scary songs and answer everyone on ZOOM. Questions about singing, and an introduction to Katherine Miss's latest classes and workshops, including:

Vocal Techniques 101 Course

Poetry Worship Training Course

Vocal Course Workshop

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the form to register. Successful applicants will receive a zoom link to participate. Seats are limited, register as soon as possible😀

See you on June 7th (Tuesday) at 9:00pm😍

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Institutional Teaching

Institutional Teaching

Invitations from organizations on vocal training and conducting choirs include Red Vocal Academy, Alliance Bible Seminary, University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Design Institute

Students feedback

  • Everyone continue to work hard, thank you Katherine for teaching ❤️
  • Thank you teacher for your careful teaching ❤️❤️ Nice to meet you and your classmates, may God bless you🙏🙏
  • Thank you Miss for your careful teaching and I have benefited a lot. 🌹🤗
  • Thank you for meeting Missie, it gave me a lot of new inspiration, and I look forward to starting the class soon 😇
  • Miss, your teaching will be remembered in 💜
  • I have loved music since I was a child, but I have no talent. I grew up in the church and hoped to participate in the service of sacred music. After leaving the mother church, I moved to a new place. Because of my singing and gifts, I was not able to join the church choir. After he was able to join the worship team, he continued to learn drums for a few years, but the progress was not as good as expected. I was also a difficult student and even the teacher left. In fact, I never thought that I could finish my poetry training class today. At first, it was just a church brother who invited me to learn to sing together and found a teacher. I believe that I would also play with him and play with him. Although this brother never liked art, he wanted to learn to sing, and it was amazing that he was matched.” "Wang Jie," I also sacrificed my life to accompany the gentleman in the upper body. Finally, I found my little real blessing time! The most grateful thing is that the teacher did not give up on me, a difficult student, after studying for about a year. It also made me understand myself better, gave me the confidence to lead singing, and used music to express myself bravely.
  • Thank you teacher for your opinion, it is very careful and clear 👏 I will practice harder!

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Teacher Katherine Chan sang the latest poem "Serenity Prayer"

The latest poem "Serenity Prayer"

In addition to education ministry, Jiandao Theological Seminary also creates hymns from time to time. Recently, [Jiandao Theological Seminary Shinni Presents the Worship Team] released a new song "Serenity Prayer", the originality comes from the American theologian Ni Bull Reinhold Niebuhr (1892 – 1971), he proposed that tranquility is a power, reminding believers to ask the Lord for peace of mind to accept the unchangeable, courage to change the changeable, and wisdom to distinguish the difference between the two. Jiandao Theological Seminary Xinyou presents the worship team to add a melody to this English prayer, and add a Cantonese translation, so that prayer becomes our poetry, and poetry becomes our prayer.

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Modern Hymn Singing Class students shortlisted for hymn singing competition

Congratulations to the two trainees Shirley Ma and Annie Chanfor being shortlisted for "Sing Good Poems" by Chinese People in the World. Both of them will participate in the workshop of "Chinese People in the World Sing Good Poems". Opportunities to participate in Christmas and New Year’s news events or concerts for different selections, or to sing with a group of singers at the Easter concert in April 2022, and have the opportunity to record singles of popular poems.

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About The Coach

KATHERINE CHAN graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double major in music and language communication. KATHERINE has loved singing since she was a child, and has accumulated rich performance experience as early as her school years and has won many awards. She was awarded the Royal College of Music Vocal Level 8 Certificate with Distinction. Later, her talent and efforts were recognized by the University College and she was awarded an overseas exchange scholarship to study music at King's College London. After graduating, she obtained a diploma in vocal performance from Trinity College in London with honors, and visited many countries every year to continue her studies in vocal music and performance with international vocal masters, including the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, and the Australian National Academy of Dramatic Arts. And London City Hall School of Music and Drama.
In order to accumulate a richer and more comprehensive experience in pop vocal music teaching, after graduation, KATHERINE has been active in classical and pop music performances such as weddings, carnivals, radio programs, company anniversary events, concerts, etc. Participated in large-scale music productions including "Girl's Prayer-Chen Huiyang x Female Chorus Concert", "The 100th Anniversary of the University of Hong Kong: "I Know My Virtue"" music video and singing, "Hong Kong Museum of Art: Five Senses Art Museum" music Video lead singer, "West Kowloon Cultural District Freedom Agreement" lead singer, "Yahoo Lunch K" lunchtime music program host, "Chinese Golden Melody Award 2017 Awards Ceremony", "College Pick Up Top Ten Concerts (Yahoo Exclusive Live)", "Xu Guanjie What a Wonderful World Hong Kong Concert 2014", "HMV Kafe Live Music-Music Night" live music broadcast, "903 Commercial Radio: Chi Chung's Choice", "New Town Information Station: Youli Location", "Hong Kong Radio: Parents and Children" Happy Day" and so on.
In addition to performances and teaching, KATHERINE also acts as a singer-songwriter in the two-person girl group "Katherine & Heidi" to create original songs that bring positive energy to the society. With years of experience in actively participating in community service, they were awarded the "Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists" by the non-governmental social service organization "Hong Kong Playground Association" and the charity "Happy Voice Foundation" in 2019 with their entry work "One Pair". "And "The Most Comforting Original Song", "Best Interpretation Award" and "Best Original Song Silver Award". Recently, Katherine & Heidi was also invited to participate in the recording of the female vocal part of the latest local singer Wu Linfeng’s latest song "Most Lovers". The song is now available on major music platforms.
KATHERINE now has her own musical studio, Katherine C. Voice Coaching, privately teaches vocal music and professional voice applications. She has also been invited to teach vocal and conducting choirs from various institutions, including the Red Vocal Academy, Alliance Bible Seminary, the Shun Hing College Choir of the University of Hong Kong, and the Choir of the Alumni Association of St. Paul's Co-educational Secondary School, her alma mater.
KATHERINE volunteered to use the knowledge and experience she gained on the music journey to help students improve their vocalization and lack of self-confidence that have plagued them for many years, so that they can regain confidence and joy in the process of singing learning.