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KARSON Pop Singing Class Learn to Sing Love COVER

Karson HO (He Xichen) is an independent singer-songwriter and a singing teacher. He has participated in large-scale singing competitions and served as a judge for many university singing competitions. Karson's singing competition experience and more than 6 years of teaching experience, coupled with the master of mixing and singing skills JEFFREY CHOI Cai Zefu, obtained the qualification of Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certified tutor, just to help you learn healthy voice, he is best at Share the mixing and singing skills with everyone, help students to build a confident pop singing style, perform songs of different difficulty more confidently, and enjoy the fun of learning to sing!

At the end of 2014, Karson once participated in the TVB Super Loud, singing along with Phil Lam on the song "Mountain and Low Valleys". It was very exciting. Chiu Tsang Hei and Mark Lui were the judges at the time. You can watch Karson's performance and judge the admiration of him at that time!

Postscript: Karson finally entered the top 10 of the TVB Super Giants. Although he did not win any awards, he was recognized for his singing potential and talent.


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You only need to record a one-minute singing clip, WhatsApp to 6331 4858, together with your name and email, to get professional vocal advice from Karson HO instructor.

Participants are required to accept the privacy policy of "Happytime".

The free voice test has a limited quota, send soonest you can.

6 Key singing learning points

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Mixing singing skills

Instructed by JEFFREY CHOI, a master of mixing and singing skills, and was awarded the Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certified instructor qualification


Healthy vocal coordination, airflow control and resonance


Hearing sensitivity training improves intonation stability

Voice line

Enhance the sound ray, use flexibility to master the best range of use


Tempo training enhances the sense of rhythm


Broaden the basic range for training up to two and a half or three octaves

Karson Pop Vocal Class

The teacher makes individual teaching adjustments according to the students' level and needs. The purpose is to let the students understand their personal voice needs and choose their favorite songs as training materials. On average, each person can complete learning a song of their choice in four lessons.

In response to the inertia problems and learning needs of students on different voice lines, the training process and learning topics are subject to personal learning progress: the primary learning topics are healthy vocal coordination, airflow control and resonance; advanced learning is mainly to expand the two octaves or Above, mouth-biting control and improvement of vocal flexibility; high-level learning and mastering the establishment of personal style knowledge, emotional interpretation and application of mixed singing.

During the class, because each student has different vocal problems, the students can observe the practice methods of other students, and can also observe the singing methods of different songs selected by other students.

Participants can preview and master the melody, tempo, and lyrics of the designated or self-selected song before class, and inform the instructor to prepare the accompaniment and lyrics of the song before class.

Love to sing and hope to improve personal singing skills and understand their own voice characteristics (the instructor teaches according to their aptitude, and those who have not received vocal training are suitable for this course)

  • Equal emphasis on curriculum theory and practice
  • The trainees sing live through Zoom for the instructor to guide on the spot
  • Selected opening etudes to consolidate the students' vocal foundation
  • Distribute notes after class (New)
  • Each lesson sets up a question and answer session to explain vocal problems to the students on the spot
  • Set up a WhatsApp group in spare time to answer questions for students
  • Step-by-step training, trainees communicate and practice through group
  • Awarded by Karson after completing the courseGechen Pop Singing Class Certificate

Class date and time: You can check on WhatAPP


14:00 – 15:00
15:30 – 16:30
17:00 – 18:00
20:30 – 21:30




16:30 – 1730
18:00 – 19:00
19:30 – 20:30


14:00 – 15:00
15:30 – 16:30

Maximum number of students: 3

If there are three persons in the group during this period, the class time is 45 minutes.

Group of 3 (8 classes)

$ 1,400 /4 lessons
  • Students choose songs and perform live
  • ZOOM classroom
  • Teaching notes
  • WhatsApp group

Full tuition $2,800 to be paid in two installments, pay $1,400 before registration, and pay the balance $1,400 after 4 classes

Private one-to-one lessons

$ 850+ /Class
  • Students choose songs and perform live
  • 45 minutes physical or ZOOM class
  • Teaching notes
  • WhatsApp group

You need to purchase 4-8 lessons at a time and complete it within the specified time.


We have a free 10-minute online meeting to facilitate understanding of your needs and ideas, and the course design will be developed according to your abilities and goals.

Private one-to-one lessons will be 100% tailored to the needs and abilities of students, and group lessons will be adjusted to suit the needs of group members.

The course takes four lessons as a unit and needs to be completed within the specified time.

After completing all the courses, students can obtain the Karson HO Song Chen Pop Singing Class Certificate.

Related Course Information

Large-scale singing competitions and programs that have participated in:

  • China Happy Boys Top 20 in Hong Kong in 2013
  • Emperor rookies 2013 final 8
  • 2014 TVB Super Mega 4 Final 10

Served as a judge of the competition:

  • Clubhouse Global Singing Competition
  • Farm Road Youth Space Singing Competition
  • The University of Hong Kong Singcon
  • Real Music Singing Contest
  • ICMA singing competition
  • HKU SPACE Hong Kong University Affiliated College Music Society Final
  • Open University Muso Sing Con Final
  • Polygon X Real Musical Smash Bros. Final
  • City University of Hong Kong Singing Final
  • Hong Kong Institute of Technology Show Your Potential Singing Contest
  • Tsing Yi IVE Singing Competition
  • Sparkles singing competition
  • Compass Collage Singing Competition

About The Coach

Karson HO is an independent singer-songwriter and a singing teacher. He has participated in large-scale singing competitions, including the top 20 of the Chinese Happy Boys in Hong Kong in 2013, the top 8 of the emperor rookie 2013, and the last 10 of the 2014 TVB Super Giant 4 In addition, Karson often serves as a judge of many college singing competitions. He is under the supervision of JEFFREY CHOI, the master of mixing singing skills, and has been awarded the Mix Voice Technique (MVT) certified instructor qualification. He has rich stage and teaching experience.