2024 Social Media Marketing Course Create Engaging Content
Social Media Workshop


This course covers the key points of social media content creation. From setting goals and comparing different social media content types, to creating Instagram accounts and bios, to different formats of social media content and strategies used by businesses, and explores topics such as social media insights, content rights and privacy. Also included are Instagram growth strategies, Gen Z trends and creator influence on Instagram, as well as relevant content on YouTube and other video platforms.

In this social media workshop you will learn the following:

✅ Set social media goals
✅ Different types of social media content and comparisons
✅ Latest social media trends and tools
✅ Cooperation with content creators
✅ Overview of Social Media Insights

00:00 Introduction and background
00:56 Overview of Social Media Insights
01:44 Types of social media content and how they compare
02:29 Different Types of Instagram Accounts
03:23 Create an effective social media profile
04:22 Different templates for social media bios
05:21 Types of Social Media Content
06:21 Explore posts, stories and Reel formats
07:14 Social media content for businesses
08:13 Content Rights and Privacy
08:30 Instagram Growth Strategies
09:27 Key trends and attitudes of Generation Z on Instagram
11:45 The influence of creators and influencers on Instagram
12:41 YouTube and other video platforms

Teaching language: English

Course Instructor: Wayne WONG

Wang Hong has worked in marketing at well-known 4A advertising companies, listed media companies, charities, online e-commerce platforms, start-up companies, etc. Wang Hong graduated from the University of Western Sydney and the University of South Australia in Australia, with a bachelor's degree in commerce (majoring in marketing) and a master's degree in corporate communication management. Wang Hong is an external member of Google Ad Advisor and HKU Space digital marketing courses. He is also a guest lecturer at HKU Space, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong.

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