Sun Salutation Yoga Sharing
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You may have heard Indians say hello to Namaskar, and Surya means the sun, and finally became a beautiful name called Japanese salutation.

You may have heard Indians say hello to Namaskar, and Surya means the sun, and finally became a beautiful name called Japanese salutation.

The sun salutation is made of a group of movements rather than a single movement, and there are also different versions, but the movement flows smoothly between the movements, and the muscle strength is stretched and balanced. Many studies have pointed out that a set of sun salutations can already bring the greatest benefits to multiple parts of the body and maintain the function of strengthening the body, instead of repeating individual difficult asanas separately. It was mentioned in my yoga school that only focusing on individual asanas to achieve the said perfect effect is the practice of EGO (self) training.

Indians have practiced traditional yoga in school since they were young, and they would have learned the sun salutation. So many times, I ask Indian friends if they practice yoga. Their answer is that they practice the sun salutation, or even practice it every day.

Once, a retired Indian doctor came to me to go to a private church. At that time, I asked him if he was practicing yoga. He responded that he did and practiced the sun salutation every day. I asked him again if there is any discomfort in his body and he needs me to improve it for him, but he said no. I think he is curious to see if a Hong Kong person teaches yoga! To be honest, he is not tall, but has a small belly, and his overall muscle strength looks good. As a result, his response after class was not as tight as he thought his shoulders would be, and he never felt pain. Practicing sun salutation requires correctness and safety in order to achieve the best results.

My Indian teacher told me before that if someone wants to lose weight, they will keep worshipping the sun, and the day will be rewarding. I also believe that the overall amount of exercise is not small. But I will ask students to do it when they have a cold and their physical fitness permits, sweat all over, drink more water, and speed up recovery.

When I first taught yoga, I practiced three sun salutations with the students every time to warm up. Now the professor focuses on pain and body adjustment, as well as the relationship between time. Recently, no sun salutations have been added to the class. I will share with you the sun salutations on this World Yoga Day. The best practice time for sun salutation is the sunrise, but other times are also possible. This evening practice will slow down, reduce excessive blood flow, avoid affecting sleep, and add a more detailed explanation. In the future, everyone can also practice at home, hoping to enjoy the benefits of yoga for everyone.

Date: June 21
Time: 9:30~10:30 in the evening
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