Little Lucky Time Yoga Teaching Video

How to save yourself in the office of a yoga teaching video

Thanks to the organizational invitation to participate in the production of yoga teaching videos, Happytime has the opportunity to teach how to learn yoga safely in the workplace or at home, improve physical fitness, flexibility and and hence work happily!

Master of Ceremonies

Participate in SHARP wake-up master of ceremonies to create slash income

Slash is a punctuation mark, which means "or", "and". Nowadays, many wage earners are full-time freelancers (freelance), and they have to use slashes to distinguish between multiple jobs, so they have become popular nowadays. Slash family (slashie). Have you considered becoming a slash family? The work includes TV program host, event emcee, training instructor, columnist, KOL, etc.

Bakery BIY Course

It’s easier for new bakers to make bread and desserts to learn independently

To learn how to make bread and desserts, novice bakers need to master the details of each step and practice repeatedly in order to master the skills of 箇中. Love Bread BIY course launches self-selected instructional videos. In addition to personal demonstration and guidance by the baking instructor PEARL LUI, students can also learn on their own according to their own schedule. If they encounter problems, they can also send questions through WhatsApp groups.

Sharing by Winnie Tsang, a student of "Love Bread BIY Course"

Participating in the "Love Bread BIY Course" is a challenge in itself. There is no prepared materials and no quick procedures to complete. It takes two or three hours at every turn to achieve success. We are happy to see students who still persist. They are not satisfied with spending ten yuan and eight yuan at the bakery, simply buying breakfast, and would rather pay for their own efforts and give their family a surprise! The following is Winnie Tsang, a student who has participated in the course for 3 months, sharing her learning experience

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Because she fell in love with yoga

The tutor's contribution to the students is often silently waiting, without expecting a return. However, if the student recalled the kindness of the tutor to him after a period of time, and sincerely thanked him, how could this overjoyed surprise be described by words 😀😌.

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Happytime you may have overlooked

Happiness can be very abstract. Some people try their best to pursue it and get nothing, some believe that it is built on wealth, and some people believe that these opportunities will never belong to them. In fact, happiness can be very simple, as long as you pay attention to daily life, happiness is always around.