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Primary school students and the elderly learn together and make progress together?

The emcee training class co-organized by Happytime and Po Leung Kuk, included a group of 10-15 people consisting of the elderly and children. After the training, the elderly can become a new force in the future community activities and act as the emcee of the activities; primary school students use this training to prepare for the selection interview for secondary school.


Enterprise / brand star emcee customers unanimously trust and recommend

Happytime has joined Star Emcee Iki Yeung to provide professional emcee services for corporate or brand activities. Iki is good at driving the atmosphere of the event, carefully hosting and arranging all aspects of the event, and even helping to deal with emergencies. Iki is proficient in biliteracy and trilingualism including Cantonese, English, Mandarin and basic German. She has been a star emcee for two consecutive years. She has won unanimous trust and recommendation from customers. She is a good helper for corporate activities.

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Modern Hymn Singing Class students shortlisted for hymn singing competition

Congratulations to the two trainees Shirley Ma and Annie Chanfor being shortlisted for "Sing Good Poems" by Chinese People in the World. Both of them will participate in the workshop of "Chinese People in the World Sing Good Poems". Opportunities to participate in Christmas and New Year’s news events or concerts for different selections, or to sing with a group of singers at the Easter concert in April 2022, and have the opportunity to record singles of popular poems.

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Get free professional makeup advice from Iki Yeung

The "Bright Eyes Makeup Class" teaches you how to use 15 minutes of makeup time a day to quickly complete a fresh, natural and spiritual makeup. It is guided by base makeup, eyebrows, eye makeup, and lip makeup, and will respond to your personal face. Type and facial features are adjusted to achieve the golden ratio.

Little Lucky Time's latest yoga teaching video made

Customized yoga teaching videos to help institutional employees learn

The newest yoga teaching video produced by Xiaoxue Time is taught by yoga instructor Atisha employees of Harbour City to learn yoga safely in the workplace or at home, improve physical fitness, increase physical flexibility and flexibility, and work happily! The content of the yoga self-study video helps to improve internal organ function and sleep quality through simple asanas, stretching and relaxation. Effective breathing can help relax muscles, balance left and right brains, and improve pain and emotional problems. In addition to learning yoga with peace of mind, you can also enjoy yoga.

Wedding emcee Iki Yeung

Star wedding emcee customers unanimously recommend full marks

Happytime partnered with the popular wedding emcee Iki Yeung (杨意奇) to provide professional emcee services for the dream wedding banquet of prospective couples. Iki writes unique love story for each couple. Iki is good at driving the banquet atmosphere, presiding and arranging wedding ceremonies and various links, and even helping to deal with emergencies. Iki has been a star emcee for 2 consecutive years, and has been unanimously recommended by customers with full marks.

Reverse Flash Running Coach, Lam Wai Hei

Hong Kong's famous running coach co-organizes group running training courses

It’s a great honor for Happytime to invite Mr. Lam Wai Hei, a well-known running coach in the running world, to co-organize group running training for organization. He devoted himself to track and field when he was young and also loved basketball. Unfortunately, since 2005, a series of serious injuries have hit him, and the road to recovery is long and heavy. In the low ebb of life, running has been affecting him subtly. The transformation of life also begins with a marathon. In 2019, Lam completed three online races of the "Six Horses" within three hours within one month in 2020. This is really a good story in running circles.

Little Lucky Time Yoga Teaching Video

How to save yourself in the office of a yoga teaching video

Thanks to the organizational invitation to participate in the production of yoga teaching videos, Happytime has the opportunity to teach how to learn yoga safely in the workplace or at home, improve physical fitness, flexibility and and hence work happily!

Master of Ceremonies Class

Join Master of Ceremonies Class to create slash income

Slash is a punctuation mark, which means "or", "and". Nowadays, many wage earners are full-time freelancers (freelance), and they have to use slashes to distinguish between multiple jobs, so they have become popular nowadays. Slash family (slashie). Have you considered becoming a slash family? The work includes TV program host, event emcee, training instructor, columnist, KOL, etc.

Independent singer-songwriter and singing teacher Karson HO

You are the legend of your voice dream-free voice test

Just believe that dreams can fly 😄
Want to know your personal voice and get professional advice? You only need to record a one-minute singing clip, WhatsApp to 6331 4858, along with your name and email, to get professional vocal advice from Vocal coach, Karson HO.