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Happytime and Vocal Tutor & Original Singer, KATHERINE CHAN has jointly launched the "Happy ENCORE Singing Course". We sincerely invite you who love to sing to participate in selected singing courses (including popular music singing classes and Modern Hymn Singing classes) ), KATHERINE will demonstrate different singing performance methods for you. Participants will sing live through Zoom and get professional guidance and advice. It will help improve your personal singing skills and happily perform your own famous song 😀

Pop Music Singing Class 

The course is suitable for students who love popular music, experience a full range of vocal training, discover the potential of singing, create self-made vocal exercises, and train the basics of vocal music, including abdominal breathing, vocal principle and location, vocal resonance, basic music theory concepts, and vocal lines Skill analysis (real voice, false voice, mixed voice, etc.).

Modern Hymn Singing Class

Suitable to people who are interested in modern hymn, have little or no experience in singing training, hope to regain the joy of singing, improve their voice and breathing issues, and have aspirations to serve in church with singing in the future.

Experience all-round vocal training to discover singing potential

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This offer is only applicable to those who participate in the experiential class for the first time.

Little Lucky Time Online Singing Class Happiness ENCORE Singing Course Vocal Instructor KATHERINE CHAN

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Institutional Teaching

Institutional Teaching

Invitations from organizations on vocal training and conducting choirs include Red Vocal Academy, Alliance Bible Seminary, University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Design Institute

Inside the Coach

Little Lucky Time Online Singing Class Happiness ENCORE Singing Course Vocal Instructor KATHERINE CHAN

#Heartfelt #Thank You

"I feel happy because I see you happy."
"We"- Eason Chan

I'm always resisted computer programs and electronic products myself, not to mention encouraging others to learn online.

Thank you Happytime, I have to muster up the courage and "take the lead" to overcome the various problems of the technology brought to me (because I used to see "unfortunate things will surely happen to me" technology nemesis" ..) In addition, the “energy” required for online teaching is more than twice that of physical lessons... After a few hours of teaching, my eyes and ears are dim and deaf, and once I get up and feel dizzy. ..

But it is.. When I met many like-minded new friends (25+ to 84 years old), accompaned them in the learning process of "a small step makes a big step", and witnessed they have finally discovered their own "good". Then a smile full of accomplishment...☺️

I especially remember an 84-year-old female student who became so excited to know that she was controlling her computer to go to class..; It turns out that... I feel so happy💌

At the moment, I feel like I’m doing one thing
Something that will make me regret

I sincerely thank everyone who has listened to my sharing attentively, supported my decision, witnessed my growth, and accompanied me through the highs and lows of my friends and family ♥️ Special thanks to those who have witnessed my worst time but still chose to believe in me. People who are willing to leave the opportunity to me.

#UnspokenWords#LongJourney #MyWholeHeartedThanks


- Voice Coach

Students feedback

  • Yesterday’s trial class, the teacher’s guidance was very enlightening, so I decided to sign up.
  • Thank you for the 6/2 free trial class, which made me learn a lot, especially in breathing techniques of singing
  • I'm so satisfied~ tonight! Thank you for your guidance and support.
  • Thank you for a wonderful lesson yesterday. Grateful for your dedicated teaching last night.🙏🏻😃
  • Is there any more class vacancy? I want to introduce a friend to participate.
  • The teacher is so good
  • Learn a lot in every class, take away a lot
  • The teacher is nice and attentive, I have learned a lot every time! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • I'm so touched when I sing ❤️Amen
  • The experience class last night was very good 👍! I am very grateful 🙏you guys, very happy 😃!

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Poetry class students testify and share😃

「最美好的事 」是解說來自破碎家庭Shirley的生命見證,她自少渴望有伴侶、被愛的感覺,年少時曾行差踏錯,又經歴契媽去世的打擊,因此患了長期病,之後人生在艱苦中游走。Shirley自知較難組織家庭,唯她經常叫身邊的人為她此事祈禱🧎‍♂️。

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Teacher Katherine Chan sang the latest poem "Serenity Prayer"

Katherine Chan leads the latest poem "Serenity Prayer"

In addition to education ministry, Jiandao Theological Seminary also creates hymns from time to time. Recently, [Jiandao Theological Seminary Shinni Presents the Worship Team] released a new song "Serenity Prayer", the originality comes from the American theologian Ni Bull Reinhold Niebuhr (1892 – 1971), he proposed that tranquility is a power, reminding believers to ask the Lord for peace of mind to accept the unchangeable, courage to change the changeable, and wisdom to distinguish the difference between the two. Jiandao Theological Seminary Xinyou presents the worship team to add a melody to this English prayer, and add a Cantonese translation, so that prayer becomes our poetry, and poetry becomes our prayer.

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Modern Hymn Singing Class students shortlisted for hymn singing competition

Congratulations to the two trainees Shirley Ma and Annie Chanfor being shortlisted for "Sing Good Poems" by Chinese People in the World. Both of them will participate in the workshop of "Chinese People in the World Sing Good Poems". Opportunities to participate in Christmas and New Year’s news events or concerts for different selections, or to sing with a group of singers at the Easter concert in April 2022, and have the opportunity to record singles of popular poems.

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Little Lucky Time Online Singing Class Happiness ENCORE Singing Course Vocal Instructor KATHERINE CHAN

I feel happy because I see you happy.

After the launch of the Happiness ENCORE singing course, many students have supported it. I believe that every student will feel the gift of vocal instructor KATHERINE CHAN, and give 200% love and time without reservation; she gives every student unlimited The amount of encouragement and affirmation not only leads her (them) to see their own possibilities, but also believes that they can do it. Thanks for everything KATHERINE CHAN has done for everyone. We are gratified for the students to find an excellent mentor (mentor) for the students😊

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About The Coach

KATHERINE CHAN graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double major in music and language communication. KATHERINE has loved singing since she was a child, and has accumulated rich performance experience as early as her school years and has won many awards. She was awarded the Royal College of Music Vocal Level 8 Certificate with Distinction. Later, her talent and efforts were recognized by the University College and she was awarded an overseas exchange scholarship to study music at King's College London. After graduating, she obtained a diploma in vocal performance from Trinity College in London with honors, and visited many countries every year to continue her studies in vocal music and performance with international vocal masters, including the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, and the Australian National Academy of Dramatic Arts. And London City Hall School of Music and Drama.
In order to accumulate a richer and more comprehensive experience in pop vocal music teaching, after graduation, KATHERINE has been active in classical and pop music performances such as weddings, carnivals, radio programs, company anniversary events, concerts, etc. Participated in large-scale music productions including "Girl's Prayer-Chen Huiyang x Female Chorus Concert", "The 100th Anniversary of the University of Hong Kong: "I Know My Virtue"" music video and singing, "Hong Kong Museum of Art: Five Senses Art Museum" music Video lead singer, "West Kowloon Cultural District Freedom Agreement" lead singer, "Yahoo Lunch K" lunchtime music program host, "Chinese Golden Melody Award 2017 Awards Ceremony", "College Pick Up Top Ten Concerts (Yahoo Exclusive Live)", "Xu Guanjie What a Wonderful World Hong Kong Concert 2014", "HMV Kafe Live Music-Music Night" live music broadcast, "903 Commercial Radio: Chi Chung's Choice", "New Town Information Station: Youli Location", "Hong Kong Radio: Parents and Children" Happy Day" and so on.
In addition to performances and teaching, KATHERINE also acts as a singer-songwriter in the two-person girl group "Katherine & Heidi" to create original songs that bring positive energy to the society. With years of experience in actively participating in community service, they were awarded the "Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists" by the non-governmental social service organization "Hong Kong Playground Association" and the charity "Happy Voice Foundation" in 2019 with their entry work "One Pair". "And "The Most Comforting Original Song", "Best Interpretation Award" and "Best Original Song Silver Award". Recently, Katherine & Heidi was also invited to participate in the recording of the female vocal part of the latest local singer Wu Linfeng’s latest song "Most Lovers". The song is now available on major music platforms.
KATHERINE now has her own musical studio, Katherine C. Voice Coaching, privately teaches vocal music and professional voice applications. She has also been invited to teach vocal and conducting choirs from various institutions, including the Red Vocal Academy, Alliance Bible Seminary, the Shun Hing College Choir of the University of Hong Kong, and the Choir of the Alumni Association of St. Paul's Co-educational Secondary School, her alma mater.
KATHERINE volunteered to use the knowledge and experience she gained on the music journey to help students improve their vocalization and lack of self-confidence that have plagued them for many years, so that they can regain confidence and joy in the process of singing learning.