Happytime VIP Student Reward Program

Thank you for your support of Happytime, if you successfully become a VIP student of Happytime, you will enjoy the following rewards:

  • You can enjoy a free trial of designated courses once a month.
  • If necessary, the current enrollment course attendance date can be adjusted once a month.
  • Enroll in new courses and enjoy 10% discount (excluding existing courses)

Become a VIP student

As long as you meet the following three conditions, you can become a VIP student😁

Free registration for a designated class (May)


Clicking the "Submit" button means that I have accepted Happytime's Privacy Policy ,Terms of Services and Course Information.

After the registration form is submitted, the trainees will receive confirmation of confirmation.

Terms of Services

  • The VIP student reward program is applicable to designated courses.
  • To enjoy VIP student rewards, you must be an existing student when enrolling.
  • The same course can only be enrolled once.
  • In case of disputes, Xiaozheng Shiguang reserves the right to make the final decision.