Wedding emcee Iki Yeung

Writing unique wedding emcee script

Happytime partners with popular wedding emcee Iki Yeung , a dream wedding banquet for prospective newcomers, providing professional wedding emcee services. Iki is good at writing unique wedding MC script for each couple, driving atmosphere of the banquet, hosting and arranging wedding ceremonies process and details, and even helping to deal with emergencies. Iki has been a star emcee for 2 consecutive years and has been recommended by customers unanimously.

6 reasons for choosing

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Confidence Guarantee

Become a star emcee for 2 consecutive years

Can rest assured

Familiar with the process and provide professional advice to newcomers

Strong ability

Big Day always has things that are different from what you imagined, and you can turn around gorgeously when things happen suddenly.

Proper atmosphere control

There are audiences, which can easily drive the atmosphere of the scene


To make the new couple do their best once in a lifetime

Write a new love story

Write a unique opening and send the most beautiful blessings to the newcomers

Customers unanimously recommend

  • If 10 points is a perfect score, Iki is definitely an MC with 100 points!! When preparing for the wedding, he always suggested me a lot, super sweet! The answer is super Nice, super patient and super detailed! You know what I want, so I can achieve the fairy-tale wedding feeling that I want in my heart! And it's super standard! The speech is very thoughtful! People are beautiful and sweet! Many of my relatives, friends and guests praised Iki! Praise you so good! Regardless of the speech, intonation, and dress code, they are all the same as Disney! Straight head is S-level! ! Thank you Iki for making my wedding a fairy tale. I am so happy! ! Will definitely recommend friends who are better than me ❤️❤️❤️
  • Very good! Iki will prepare carefully beforehand and on the day
  • Perfect service. Iki spent a lot of effort understanding our requirements and preparing the speech for our wedding. Highly recommended!
  • Iki is a very professional and friendly MC. I look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate again in the future
  • Before the banquet, Iki worked very hard to help find bands, singers, and photographers, and personally inspected the venue and supporting facilities in the restaurant. On the day of the banquet, Iki's professional performance made the whole dinner full of joyful atmosphere. Everyone was very happy. The boss praised Iki's performance very much, and hoped to see Iki in the future functions of the company. I sincerely recommend Iki to other friends who need MC.
  • I’m so happy to be able to get iki to be the MC for my wedding. I really provide a lot of good advice on rundowm! And I was well prepared. I finished it smoothly on the day, and everyone in my house and my friends are full of praise~ Iki Definitely recommended by 5 stars❤
  • Iki did a great job in our Wedding – she speaks eloquent English, Cantonese and Mandarin – and did a great job managing the agenda. We are very grateful to have her. Would highly recommend her!
  • It's been a pleasure experience having Iki as our MC in our wedding ceremony and dinner. She is flexible, pleasant and be able to manage the atmosphere on the ground. Highly recommended!
  • Thank you iki for serving as the emcee of our wedding banquet! Very professional, and provided us with some valuable insights and procedures! She is a very energetic emcee! The atmosphere of the evening was well controlled! Many Thanks!
  • The sound of the people is sweet, and the atmosphere is clear to the audience. I have noticed that during the oath, the emcee was moved to tears secretly, which proved that he was very dedicated and was very satisfied with the whole process. I highly recommend it.
  • The service is very professional, the pronunciation of Cantonese and Mandarin is also very standard, and the appearance and voice are also very flattering. It is recommended.

Wedding emcee Iki Yeung

Big day

  • Test live microphone
  • Responsible with the venue, brothers and sisters, and explain the process of photography
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  • Time management/control
  • Depending on the situation, drive the atmosphere of the audience (solemn and romantic, relaxed and happy, joyful, etc.)
  • Arrange for newcomers to enter the venue, marriage/wedding ceremony
  • Host and arrange the evening session (morning and evening broadcasting, toasting, taking pictures of relatives and friends, games/special sessions, etc.)
  • Deal with emergencies (if any)

Before the big day

  • Arrange meetings or phone calls to provide professional advice on the process
  • Writing a unique love story for new couples
  • Remind newcomers to pay attention to "the most common mistakes"
  • Recommend trusted wedding partners — lawyers, sister make-up artists, high-end wedding/evening gowns, photographers, and wine to provide consulting services on related matters

Preparing for a dream wedding banquet, seeking professional emcee services

  • Write a new love story
  • Familiar with the process and provide professional advice to newcomers
  • Strong ability
  • Proper atmosphere control
  • Flexible

Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Wedding emcee Iki Yeung

$ 5,388

The above fees already include the emcee's costume, makeup and transportation expenses

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Introduction of Wedding MC Iki Yeung

Iki Yeung won the runner-up of the first all-around host contest, the champion of the KOL election contest of the industrial exhibition, the OP Mall's most popular KOL award and the most popular blog of Macau Tourism Bureau. She has received professional emcee training and has been invited by multinational companies and listed groups to serve as emcee, participating in large-scale media conferences, exhibitions, opening ceremonies, awards ceremonies, competitions, conferences, seminars and dinners. Iki is also an internationally recognized makeup artist.

Iki graduated from the alma mater of Prince William, the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom, and received a master's degree in international business. Iki likes to actively pursue a happy and fulfilling life, and is working hard for the work she likes.

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