Children's Expressive Arts Workshop to Learn Emotion Management
Children's Expressive Arts Workshop


Happytime and Yan Chai Hospital held an emotional-themed Zoom workshop for Yau Tong primary school students

For the primary school students in Yau Tong, Happytime and Yan Chai Hospital held an emotional-themed expressive art Zoom workshop. In a relaxed and safe atmosphere, expressive art instructor Angie Lee used expressive art and picture books to help children understand and ease their emotions . The class is divided into four sessions. Angie led the children to use their senses and imagination to create art and role-play, as well as analyze and share their aesthetics in groups.

Section 1 – A Place to Live
Create a sense of security, place it in a safe place, carry emotions, and preliminarily assess the status of team members

Session 2 – Have fun
Enjoy happiness, store happy experiences as inner resources

Section 3 – Dealing with Heartbreak Positively
Sad situations occur such as when it rains, we can still face it positively

Session 4 – Silence Anger, Express Love

It is estimated that nearly 90 children from Yau Tong will participate in the whole workshop activity, spending a fulfilling summer vacation together.

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